1st Afghan cushion

Isn’t it fantastic watching your work grow through your fingers as you hook and yarn… here are some samples of my first crochet projects.. as you’ll notice they just get better and better all the time as each one hatches yet another idea!

My First Granny Blanket and Cushion which now has a nice new blue border not to mention a few minor repairs after issues with my weaving of lose ends!!!!

Thanks to this fantastic tutorial video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx3vbRipiRU from Mikey Smiley

This now takes pride in Alex’s bedroom as a new head board bolster too ensure he’s kept comfortable on these winter nights.


5 thoughts on “1st Afghan cushion

    1. My first ever project I can remember was a hooded cape for my dolly called Lulu, but that was well over 40 years ago, lol. On my return to the craft. my first and favourite project was this wavy blanket for my wee man
      highlight here for link view
      Like Helen I would love to hear what others first projects were – or indeed – are
      Mo xx

  1. Oh thank you Helen :0)
    Well now, my return was totally unexpected; I mean I wasn’t even lOOking for anything to do – I was so engrossed in food and it’s preparation and consumption there of, when one day I was on a weight loss forum and one of the threads was craft so I had a look and there was a link to Attic24 and the lovely Lucy’s blog. I totally loved her ripple pattern and that’s the one I used for my own first attempt at the ripple 🙂 Her enthusiasm got me sooo ‘hooked’ that I haven’t looked back and can’t wait for the chance to pick up hook and yarn every day :0) est voila! :0)

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