New Year First Time Blogger

Hey, most of you might know me through my Flickr account but I thought upon doing this blog after many of you suggested it might be a good idea … so I’ve taken it upon myself to trundle along this technical tunnel to prepare you for a few measly morsels of crochet craziness and philosophical madness with the aim to get us through the day….

So, lets begin as to what we all achieved in the last year…  here is a jolly mix of my best of the best

My Alex’s Blanket.                                                   Abby’s Stunning Piece

And My Beautiful hexy Blanket


10 thoughts on “New Year First Time Blogger

  1. Congratulations, Helen!! I will be following you here! Thought you must be up to something …. not seeing you regularly on Flickr ! You and Blogging will be a perfect fit…… xo JoAnn

    1. Hey, you’re my first post on here.. thank you so so much. This is not to say that will not be upgrading my flickr.. just that I wanted to “vent” a little more on here to all you girls who wanr to see what else makes up my life, my loves and hates!

      Happy new year and Happy new post to you .. lots of love H x

  2. Hi Helen, love the new blog, well done !! Ilove the fact that you give links to patterns/sites etc, it’s very helpfull. Can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous work.

    1. Hi Jane, thank you for popping in .. this is your blog too in the respect that I shall allow all my followers a chance to express what they want to see on here …. what makes them feel good and what they dont like too! So go ahead and make a few suggestions 🙂

      I’ll get back to my crochet now then! xxxx

      1. This is just sOOoo exciting! I’ve never been part of a brand new blog before. A new Bloglette even, lol ;0)
        Can’t wait to hear about what you and your other followers are up to Helen. You’re going to be even busier keeping us crochetphiles satisfied, but then we are generally easy to please – yaarn – more yaarn – ooh crochet piece – aah new hookies……. Ok – I am just speaking for myself there. I don’t know any1 else that gets all gooeyeyed in a wool shop, If I’m weird, then I don’t want to be ‘normal’ haha
        Oops nearly school time. Best slip into my more socially acceptable persona and get going. ttfn 😀
        Mo x

      2. Welcome aboard Mo,

        Thanks for joining in. I was wondering as to where you’ve been hiding!

        This blog is as much yours as mine, so please make some suggestions as to what you’d like to see on here or ask things you’ve never dared to ask… email personally if you’re too shy to publically publish it and we’ll discuss…

        I’m looking forward to submitting some fun stuff on here and bring a little light and hilarity to this mad obsession of ours… crochetphiles.. that a good word.. I like that one!

        Lots of love

        H x

  3. Wow Helen! You are amazing! Those crocheted blankets are awesome, awesome, awesome! I am adding you to my blogroll, I really enjoy your writing style as well and will lurk around here often 🙂 What yarns did you use in your hexy balnket? The colours are lovely 🙂

    1. Well thank you equally amazing awesome person!

      The main bulk of the yarns used in the hexy blanky were Stylecraft.. some of the colours (the lime green and bright orange) glow in the dark.. 🙂

      The pattern and tutorial were from Attic 24

  4. I have been lurking around Helen but just fleetingly – so so busy, and wee man has had a rough time over Christmas with things not being ‘routine’ and has been extra demanding, as I’m sure you can relate. However, nursery is back in full swing, routine is as it should be and all is well in my world. I’ve got so many pictures to upload to Flickr, but as time passes they become irrelevant, being all christmassy and festive. Hey ho.
    I am currently working on a ripple piece that I’m having made into a roman blind. It’s in rainbow colours, as they are rare but favourite sights of mine and wee man’s. The window in question is narrow enough to make the project feasible. A blind being needed due to the sunlight making computer work all but impossible – not good. I intent to add some crystally type danglies to the bottom ripples so that when the blind is raised they will catch the sunlight and make their own little rainbows across the wall.
    Sorry for hogging here 😀
    Btw – ‘glow in the dark’ ??? what? how? where from? Wee man’s bedroom ceiling is covered in glow in the dark stars, planets etc and I have thought many a time how nice it would be to make some hookie type things that glowed but didn’t know the yarn was available. What a dope for not googling it eh? How awesome it would be.
    Mo x

    1. HI Mo,

      You hog away as much as you want 🙂

      I can truly understand what the lack of routine can mean to mums of our type of kids… most kids really.

      But its great to have you back with the nursery up and running again, so you must post your pics for us all to see and get inspiration for next year! I inisist.

      “Wee Mans” room sounds wonderful and indeed you can get glow in the dark yarn on the internet.. the one I’ve used isn’t specifically that but it does stand out in the dark…. wow the possiblities are endless as to what you could make.

      As for your clever are you!!! I’M SO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!! I want to see it as soon as its finished.

      Big hugs to you all xxx

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