Like the Circles that you find in the windmills of your Mind?

Have I got you singing now .. I hope so because we’re going to celebrate the wonderful crochet circle and let the “images unwind like the circles in your mind”……. 🙂

As you all know I’m working on two different blankets at the moment but I must confess I really do prefer to crochet in the round or in motifs… It’s not that I  find chaining up disagreeable, just that I hate all that counting at the beginning!

 Plus there is something really satisfying  about watching these little spirals of candy lollipops  pile up…

What I love about Angie’s ( Sucrette) pattern is how it’s so different from the other thousands of patterns which you’ll find on the internet. Most noticeable are the beautiful double-pointed petals.

Here I’ll show you what I mean

 Any standard granny circle pattern from the internet will give you this circle.. they can then become hexagons or squares like below

BUT .. wth the pattern I’m using now ………..

You’ll notice the pointed star like differences… it might be subtle but not all crochet circles in squares are the same (as my hubby once said… the cheeky sew& sew)..

“Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind”


Theme to the Thomas Crown Affair

More pics








Pattern for cushion and the hoop….

Pattern For Blanket … Any standard granny circle will do for the blanket in this set of pics.. just experiment or if you really want I could give you a picture tutorial of the one above.. as i did make a few tweaks to make it more original!

Just drop me a line with all your feedback, suggestions and news.

Have yourselves a super dooper weekend … Keep Calm and Crochet x


9 thoughts on “Like the Circles that you find in the windmills of your Mind?

  1. I too sang along 😀 It’s almost instinctive I find – funny really for someone as tone deaf as myself, lol ;0)
    Those circles are great – I haven’t made anything circular as yet but have an ever expanding list that I want to do, and these are now on it. My friend said to me not long ago ”What will you do when you run out of things to make?” ”I just laughed and said, ”I’l probably be dead at that point” I returned to crochet just over a year ago after an absolute age of years, but having found the scale of inspiration available on-line, well, as you know yourself, the sky’s the limit! I know others have ‘carried on regardless’ because they are so talented they have always designed their own patterns, but for mere mortals like me, I needed to have it almost forced under my nose. Oh dear, am I making sense here ? Not sure so I will stop drivelling 😀
    A tutorial would be great Helen, for those of us too lazy to look for ourselves or even for those of us that just lURve Filing/Saving as….in itty bitty folders created for ones hookie work as ‘One day’, ‘On the burner’, ‘WIPs’, ‘Birthdays’, ‘Things to wear’ and variations thereof – yes I know – anal – 😀 But if I don’t file things to the enth degree I forget where I did file it in the first place. I’m organised, but not, iukwim 😀
    Mo xx

    1. Good morning Mo,

      Hope you’ve had a good start to your day.. It’s freezing here in Cardiff!

      You’ve made some valid points there in your post…there’s so much to learn isn’t there….it’s only been 11 months since I started crocheting, so we’re all learning together… if we struggle I’m sure some of our more experienced crotchetier comrades will help!

      Therefore, I shall get this granny tutorial going, in the hope I get you on the road into going round in circles…

      I might add that window blind to my list of to do’s… if only I had a window fit for a blind! hahahah

      Lots of warm woolly wishes to keep you going .

  2. Oh yes – now that song is circling in my mind and will be all day!!!!!!! They truly are lovely “squares” without being squares! I love that pattern! Brilliant, Helen….

    1. Morning JoAnn,

      Hope all is well in your snowy part of the world.

      Thanks for your lovely comments about the blanket, its growing as I sing-along-a-crochet!

      Mo’s asked me for a tutorial, so that’ll it keep me out of trouble for a few hours.

      Have a splendid weekend

      H x

  3. Hello Helen, I’ve been reading your website and you are just too much fun I say! Not to mention Colorful and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Color. I’am interested in the Tute for the Pointed Crochet in the Rounds. I don’t see it perhaps I over looked it somewhere? Anywhozits, thank you for all the sharing you do with us.

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