Red Letter Days ….

 Red Letter Days

RED Plates

A wonderful thing happened this morning, given that this has been a major exercise of ours over the last 4 months. Alex made his own toast for breakfast and spread his butter on it all his own without help.. at least I know he wont starve now! Well done Alex.

Photo1994 Red Onions and Peppers these little lovelies are soon going to get planted into the community green house, along with some coriander….  I feel a good RED Thai curry in the making…Yummmyyyy



I’ve been working on my blankets when it just dawned on me that it will soon be valentines day , so making little red hearts at the moment to  get me into the mooooood….RED hearts and  RED ribbons for Valentines day too…. ahhhhhh chocolates!!!




Have a wonderful, peaceful and happy weekend… xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Red Letter Days ….

  1. Woohoo!! Go-ooo Alex! 😀 Just don’t spread Marmite…it’s yuckety ;0)

    Community greenhouse? Is that in an allotment area then? I love ‘growing my own’ and try to get wee man involved as much as possible. He loves finding wriggly worms 😀 But I don’t have much growing space left after we overhauled the garden last year in order to make it more child safe as he isn’t the most co-ordinated of youngsters ;0) I’m using more pots mostly and bags for my spuds. Poor crops last year though, the weather wasn’t conducive to ‘fruiting’ at all. Lots of greenery but very little produce produced 😦
    Maybe this year will be better. Hoping my dwarf apple will finally fruit – it’s 3rd year.

    I love your little heart there Helen. What’s it resting on tho’? I may make a garland of hearts 😀

  2. Well done to Alex Helen that’s a great achievement! love your cute red heart so neat and perfect, I have been making hearts too but haven’t decided how to display them yet. Am looking forward to the Thai curry, hope I’m invited for supper lol, have a lovely weekend yourself Helen. xx

  3. Thank you everyone.. I’m passing on your words of encouragment to Alex via lots of huggles and kisses if that Ok with you Cat? 🙂

    Alex likes marmite Mo but not sure if he’d handle worms as your wee man does.

    We live in a ground floor apartment which has a huge communal garden that we dont have to mow .. and a green house which I’ve been told I can use freely 🙂

    So let let the sunshine through to get these little seeds planted and that curry on the table eh Linda!!!

    Happy weekend xx

  4. You must be soooo proud of Alex!!! What a huge achievement for him 🙂 The little heart is gorgeous Helen……funnily enough..I just happen to have a HUGE ball of red wood lol

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