Breakfast Of Champions!!!

Woke early hoping for a little tranquillity and quiet but peace was broken by the usual farm house noises boys make from their bedrooms in the mornings. So I gave up, got dressed and treated Alex to a champions breakfast at Mac Donald’s followed by a quick visit to the “One Pound Shop” to buy some crafty goodies to play with.

Photo2035However, as shattered as my plans were to sit and ponder a few ideas, look up what’s available on here to create the perfect blog, I have been thinking as to how I could keep you chaps and chapesses interested in visiting my little cyber patch regularly.

It appears that many of you liked the video link to my Perfect Heart. I too like videos tutorials as they can reach people who might learn better visually and indeed people who might not really understand English. Being multi lingual myself I respect that.

So…. I’ve made a page ready to log other videos for you…. I just need time to understand the dynamics of this blog site to get it up and running!!!

My Wine Cozies too sparked some questions so again there’s another little thing to mark up for Loom Knitting.

But, let’s not forget that most of this blog was ignited by Flick. For me Flickr is an amazing place and the warmth from the fellow members is awesome. You have become my cyber sisters or like JoAnn calls us… her “Flickr Family”

And there springs another idea…As I’ve created this site to share with you, my last intention is become self absorbed and over indulgent on talking just about me, me, me!!!

I’d like to publish features on YOU people and those within the Flickr community… a personal profile of some your fantastic creations and chats about sources of inspiration. So don’t be surprised if I email you directly to ask your permission. And I promise to allow you to proof read any articles before it’s published. 🙂

Your input is important so write and let me know what you’d like to see on here.

As you can appreciate, it really is a virtual minefield out there, however creating this blog site has become a really enjoyable challenge. I absolutely love it and I hope you are too. So without further ado… why is it whenever you type “crochet” into a Google Image Search it often displays some younger, fitter, firmer lady wearing a crocheted bikini??????

Happy Sunny Sunday to you all ……….. H x


5 thoughts on “Breakfast Of Champions!!!

  1. HI Helen 😀
    Literally just sat down for a few moments in-between chores (just finished the ironing) and there you are Hurrah! 😀
    What a lovely idea to bring us pieces on other folks, their lives, crafty bits and general chitty chat type things as well, of course, as all your own every day type things, thoughts, wassups etc; with peeps like me chiming in…… occasionally (hehe)
    Better go peel the spuds 😀 Hope you’re having a super Sunday 😀
    Mo xx

  2. Hi Helen
    Found you via the crochet wool eating blanket that Sarah London has shared with us all. I’ve plonked you firmly on my daily read list…..getting back to blogging myself now!

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