I’ve a busy day on today.. I call it the “sorting out my Son sessions” i.e. time spent  with the National Autistic Society, planning, discussing Alex’s behaviour, activities etc etc.

I have to say I don’t know where we would be without the NAS’s support. After living in Spain, where there is hardly any support for parents like ourselves, I must give credit to the wonderful mental health support structure in place for families here in the UK… hence why we left Spain and why you find me here with you ..… but that’s another story… BACK TO CROCHET


Yes, I’ve been called the “lady with the flying fingers” by a few of you because of how quickly I finished my projects. “How do you do it?” I’ve been asked and “Wow, you’re a crochet machine” but there’s no secret. Its all about planning and organising.. boring answer I know but simply put, that’s all it is.

Lets use this blanket as a sample project for you to get an idea:

Firstly, make the motifs.. at least target yourself to do as many as you can per day.. Often 10 is my magic number but in this case there are 15 in the line, therefore  15 is the minimum I reach for. Also, I  never plan colours, I allow my instinct and my mood influence my choices.

Errrmmmm besides economy of what’s on offer at the yarn shops.. we are in  crisis my dears .. Some of the yarns above only cost me 75p per 100g ball!

Secondly, I do all the fiddly bits during the day so that I can get the colour sequence in order with the help of good natural light… as you see in the photo above..  then I crochet by night. That’s when I attach the motifs to the blanket with the cream yarn. A nice and easy repetitive task done whilst watching TV with a glass of homemade wine 🙂


Photo1921’ll notice the remnants of Alex’s Christmas balloons in the photo above ..He loves them. He woke up to 30 of them in his bedroom xmas morning.  We even managed to find some with LED lights inside that glow in the dark… you can get them in Sainsbury’s supermarket before you ask!!



12 thoughts on “THE LADY WITH THE FLYING FINGERS Tuesday’s Top Tips

  1. You certainly are the Lady With the Flying Fingers Helen lol !!! That blanket is getting huge..looking lovely I must say. I wish I could find wool that cheap in’s so expensive here. Good tips Helen 😉

    1. Ahhh, I’m not saying its the best of yarn.. but great for afghans and trials on new stich patterns.

      You could get some of your mates to bring some yarn back for you from the UK.. or sent in the post…. I buy mine in a shop called Shaws the Drapers.. or Wilkinson sometimes have good offers… and there’s always the internet for bargains

      Have a fab day mon cherie x

  2. I do so like blankets/cushions etc that are edged/joined in a light colour, they always look so fresh and ‘of the countryside’ to me. :Note to self…why not do your own?……hmm. Haha

    I have never found wool at such a low price, even in a sale! Nor on t’internet! You’re the cookie!! I am pretty rubbish at searching tho ;0)

    Registered Wee man for school today – EEK! The school seems very good with lots of expertise, so I’m hopeful the transition will be fairly smooth. (fingers xed mind you)

    Have a pleasant evening one and all
    Mo xx

  3. Wow! I am so impressed! i started the year with a very similar plan… a certain number of motifs a day, and I guess I am about 80% there, but life is so busy, that by the time I get to crochet at night, my depth perception is off because one eye keeps drifting closed 😉
    Well done Helen, you are an inspiration!

      1. I’ve visited Heidi Bears Blog and it is soooo amazing! I do very much just lOve Lollo-the-African-flower-bear, and totally intend to make one – one day – for ME!
        I think African flowers are just gorgeous.
        Be good 😀
        Mo x

      2. Ohhh mo..make a bear for me too when your little wee man goes to school and you’re left with more time on your hands … We all adore Heidi Bears Bears!!!

        African Flowers too … Take good care cherub X

  4. Your blanket is coming on great Helen. I like to be organised too and usually plan in a similar way, trouble with me is I’m not disciplined enough and am easily distracted with other projects, I have just two on the go at the minute which is good for me but I’m itching to make a blanket again, can’t decide on pattern, so many lovely ones about just now, love the wool eater and the one you are doing but also thinking simple granny squares or maybe something completely different time will tell lol have a lovely evening. xx

    1. Hi Linda,

      Ahhh, granny squares are like soul food for the crochetier .. I love them and there are some funky variations out there you could try.

      BUT, finish the projects you have in hand at the moment first.. thats an order!

      Hope you’re having fun x

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