As time goes by ………


After spending the whole day out yesterday, I decided today was going to be a home day..

The apartment is all clean and cosy, a beef curry which I had marinating in spices  for three days, was cooked in the slow cooker  for 8 hours and then consumed within 15 minutes!! How does that happen???

And now for the homebrew taste test.  A blackberry wine which has been fermenting since July of last year… seven months and its lovely. 

It doesn’t get any better than this 🙂

However, although its taken time to create all the lovely things we’ve consumed today, for  tomorrow  I’ve prepared  a little report for you to read on how to go about   Scouting For Bargain Yarn.. stay tuned.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful relaxing evening.

H xx


2 thoughts on “As time goes by ………

  1. Wow! A super cook as well as ‘the lady with flying fingers’! Can I come live with you? Lmao 😀

    So is there anything you can share about your activities of yesterday hunni? Hope it wasn’t stressful anyhoo 😀

    Ooh, can’t wait to see what you bargain tips you will impart Helen.

    I have spent most of my ‘free’ minutes today, exploring Pinterest, and have found some incredibly beautiful things, and I’m sure I have barely scratched the surface of exploration. And the ideas that are whizzing around my little grey cells now – Whoosh!! Oh my 😀 Isn’t it frustrating though when you find a super picture but there’s no clue as to where a pattern maybe found? Ugh! Haha. I ended up buying a pattern for some gorgeous little Christmassy stars (eek!) – I just couldn’t resist, hehe

    Well I hope you have had a fine evening accompanied by not too much of your home brew 😀

    Mo xx

    1. No stress with Alex, the battle to get him into workshops during the day continues but the NAS are fantastic and doing everything to help.

      Pin interest… I can’t figure it out. I like it too but is does seem to have some very odd things on there! If you know how its suppose to work then let me know.

      On a positive note, I’ll always do my best to link back to pattern references … hope you enjoy my bargain yarn report!!

      Have a great day Crochet mad Friend

      Lots of love …. H x

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