Scouting For Bargain Yarn


Scouting For Yarn Sales

We all know how this crisis is pinching our purses. The idea of having to scrimp and sacrifice the few things that make me happy like my hobbies doesn’t make me happy… so I’ve been scouting for yarn sales and I’ve found a few.

Lidle .. yes your “stack it high sell it cheap” German supermarket sell wool amongst its enormous array of sausage and boxes of muesli!

Often they bring in “bargain bucket” items ranging from garden tools, pots, pans, cheap clothing to yarns and craft items.

This month they are promoting yarns from £3.99 for 200g including a pattern.. Nina sock cotton blends, Saphira 100% polyester and most appealing, Spring cotton for just £3.99 for 200g.

At these prices its worth planning ahead to save money on your soon to be spring shawls, shrugs or simple table-cloth embellishments.

What are exceptionally good value are the crochet hooks.. a set of three for £1.49 and a whole range of knitting needles too.

So, although I wouldn’t condone setting up a tent outside the night before in these sub zero temperatures, it might be worth popping in to have a look from the 23rd of January onwards… see here for information


Shaws the Drapers ( UK only)

My favourite regular supplier in Cardiff and Caerphilly.

I love these old-fashioned haberdashery shops .. they always remind me of days shopping with my Mum, buying static electricity inducing polyester sheets and big white cotton knickers!

However, they stock quite an extensive range of yarns for your “every day use” and a great cheapo range ( 75p for 100g) The Rebecca Range Pictured above.

These are perfect for afghans which basically are only going to get sat on and abused. They could also be used for your trial “getting to know stitch pattern” projects.. pot holders etc etc. I’ll admit the colour range is limited but as I’ve only been crocheting just under a year now, until I’m confident in what I’m doing, then this is the range I’m going to stick to… perhaps mixing in a few specialist yarns for colour 🙂

And now the Internet… MASONS



My local shop had run out of yarn that I was working with to make Abby’s baby Blanket.. I chose Style Craft yarn as its soft enough for a baby’s skin and 100% acrylic to cope with regular washing.

As photo  .. pattern to be published next month

Frantically I scouted the internet for suppliers and came up with this amazing little site that had just about everything you wanted. Great order confirmation, fast delivery and perfectly packed items delivered the following day!

Besides they also offer an afghans maker dream pack :-

Special DK 100g 17 Assorted colours Pack £25.50.. ecstasy!!!

This comes in at  just £1.50 per ball… well worth a visit to their site.

You’ll find them at

 And so for not wanting to sound like Scrooge and put my case across as being “thrifty” let me show you what real yarn, expensive yarn produces.


Yarn Used

James Brett marble chunky wool mc29 .. £5 per ball but well worth it. I love this shawl

Pattern Link below

 But a smile produced by an item made from 75p balls of yarn is also priceless

Pattern link to

Happy scouting for bargain yarn  … all my very best H xx

If you guys know of any other offers out there let us know.!


21 thoughts on “Scouting For Bargain Yarn

  1. ¿En lidl venden lanas? Estos alemanes tienen de todo. Lo que ocurre es que no tengo ninguna tienda cerca. Voy a dar un vistazo al enlace a ver si encuentro lo mismo en España. Sigo intentando hacer la manta wool eater pero hay algo que no me sale bien. Pero saldrá 🙂

    1. Claro que si.. merece la pena echar un vistazo a ver.. Para que lo sepas hay mucha gente que dicen lo mismo como no se salen bien la manta .. mas por la segunda parte ….dime que parte de la manta no entiendes?


  2. Thankyou for that Helen!! I rushed off to my local Lidl( we have them in France) all excited…but it comes in on Monday. I looked at the multicoloured pack with Masons and it really is excellant value for money, hopefully they’ll post abroad if not I can have it sent to my Mum 🙂 The wool I recently bought here for my Hexagon blanket was 3.50e per ball. I’ll pop over to Lidl again on’s only a 4 minute drive lol

  3. Hi Helen

    Thank you so much for this!! I too have earmarked Lidl for a viewing on Monday 😀 I knew about their bargain but had forgotten, (more lost little grey cells, haha), however hubby would have reminded me when he visited as it is one of jis fave shops 😀

    Your drapery sounds awesome! Maybe you could persuade them to come to the www, then we can all share in their bargains and they would increase their revenue? Hehe, worth a try. In the meantime I will give Masons a looky look 😀 not that I reAlly need more yarn, but hey, what’s in a look (she says – not looking anyone in the eye) ;0)

    Mo xx

  4. I’m so pleased you all like this little post… I’m grinning like a Chesshire cat now.

    And I’m glad we all live miles apart, as there wouldn’t be any yarn left for me to buy from Lidl’s!!

  5. I can just see the three of us now all scampering to Lidl laughing lol…and probably everyone else who reads this 😉 Yes Mo, you can 😉

    1. Yay 😀 😀 Permission from overseas to be naughty lol. How old am I? lol.
      Ach we wouldn’t be bad Helen, we’d share and share alike in our haul, haha. After all, you need a stash to practise your tutorials too 😉
      Well hungry tums awaits no wifey’s wanting to natter


      1. We’ll have to set our alarm clocks to get to Lidl’s in time.

        You’re going to be impressed with what I bought today at my Shaws Draper shop!

        Lots of hugs xxxxxxxxx

  6. That Rebbeca yarn is such a bargain Helen, I haven’t found anything that cheap. I found some great bargain wool when visiting Bury Market early last year and I’m planning a return trip in March, I think it will be my annual pilgrimage lol. On-line Kemps wool shop always has lots of special offers, also The Wool Sak, the Robin DK is a great budget yarn but you have to buy 10 balls at a time but…….free postage
    I will be going to Lidl, straight after work on Monday 🙂

    1. Hi Linda,

      I know I’m so chuffed with the rebecca yarn. I went back to the shop today just incase they ran out after my posting about it!!! I’ll take a pic and show you all in the morning 🙂

      Those internet sites are good too that you posted about.. be great if you could get a couple of you to buy in bulk and share. I guess it would be an ideal if you were in a knitting group. THANK YOU

      Bury Market … you’ll have to tell us all about that .. have you writen anything in your blog about?

      Have a fantastic relaxing weekend.. best of everything to you

      Catch you in Lidl’s on Monday 🙂

  7. Fabulous post! I use Shaws regularly but I didn’t know about Lidl so will try and get to my neareast one in Cirencester and I will definitely have a look at Masons. Thanks for this 🙂 Maggie xx

  8. I wish we had old fashioned haberdashery shops here, I bet I would browse for hours! I’m a yarn snob but sometimes on those weeks where money is extra tight there’s nothing like buying a bit of bargain yarn to make the day better.

  9. Well, I rushed to my local Lidl’s this morning to get my stash, after hunting for an hour to find my car keys lol And lo and behold…couldn’t get anywhere near the wool..why…??? Little old French Grannies that’s why! Barricading the shelves of wool they were. I tried moving their trollies and squeezing in but they weren’t having any of it. Eventually when they had practically cleared the shelves, I got to get the lovely cotton, in lovely pastel shades. The only other stuff they has was a sort of bobbly wool, more for knitting really. No ordinary double knit, the Grannies had taken the lot 😦 But I’m very happy with the cotton. Don’t know what I’ll make with it yet..maybe a nice Japanese flower scarf for myself. Did anyone else get some nice wool ?

    1. hahaha, the Spanish women were the same.. and aggressive too! Trolley rage!!

      I went but I missed out the on the crochet hooks .. they were too small for the type of work I like to do anyways.

      I admit i dont like bobbly wool for crochet but its ok for knitting and the other stuff was too delicate for me, although I liked the sock wool and some of the other things for colour.

      Like you I’m not sure what but its there till I get a flash of inspiration.

      I’m about to upload some pics of what I bought… why dont you do the same?

      happy monday x

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