I’ ve been shopping!

I’ve been shopping at Shaws the Drapers

I thought I’d better go and buy some before they run out, especially after the reaction I got to my post!

This lot just cost me £16.45


12 x 100g dk @ 75p each

1 x special aran cream 200g @ £2.50

1 x mar Red Aran 400g @ £4.95

I love shopping for bargains 🙂

Have yourselves a lovely weekend …. helen x


5 thoughts on “I’ ve been shopping!

  1. Wow that’s such good value. I went into Shaws yesterday but they didn’t have that 75p/100g deal on. I’ll keep on going in though as having spoken to the ladies in there it depends on what they’re sent from week to week. I did get a couple of bargains from a little old wool shop in town called Yarnarama – it’s like going back in time when you go in there and the little old lady is so sweet. I got a couple of 50g balls for 50p each and a 100g ball for £1.10 and my Mum got some too. Maggie xx

    1. Awww.bless that paints a lovely image of you crafting with your mum.. hope you’re having a good time.

      H xxxx

      ps..love the name Yarnalama!!!! hhahahah

    1. I am, been tyding and houseworking most of the day, now about to sit down with a nice cuppa and do some of our favourite pastime…what could that be I wonder lol

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