Yay Finished Alex’s Leather Chair Blanket

It just goes to prove that with a little  organisation this type of project can be done in just two weeks. That’s all it took me. 150 little motifs made up of scrap yarns left over from last year, even some odd african flower motifs I was going to make a bag out of got “rabbited” and put into this project.. so all in all I only had to buy the cream and red Aran which was about £5

Doesn’t that “Red Dragon” border make you smile when you look at it!

 Angela’s pattern is simple and impressive …http://www.lemondedesucrette.com/2011/12/19/my-vintage-blanket-it-is-d-o-n-e-hurrayyy/.



Alex loves it too,  as its less of a shock when occasionally sitting on a leather chair in just your boxer shorts!!!

Look out for your Tuesday Tutorial.

Have a fantastically relaxing and loving weekend… helen  xxxx





9 thoughts on “Yay Finished Alex’s Leather Chair Blanket

  1. It really is lovely helen!! I thought it was going to be an end of bed runner/cover or is that another one. I’m losing track now as you”re so speedy lol But, it looks lovely and cozy 🙂 I’m sure Alex loves it. How did you do that edging by the way..

    1. Hiya Jane,

      you’re right, this was going to be a bed runner but Alex had other ideas for it when I placed in on his chair.. he literally wouldn’t let me take it off! So it appears he’s telling me he wants it for himself. Bless his hairy little face 🙂

      The edging is fantastic isn’t it … you can find the pattern for it here on Angies blog.


      Hope you’re having a good weekend so far…. hugs from all of us to you x

    1. Hmmm, that would be telling!!! hahahha

      Thanks Linda… enjoy whats left of the weekend and save your strength for fighting your way through the crowds at lidl monday!!!

      all my very very best to you .. and thanks again for your comments,

      H xxxxx

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