The Easiest Cauliflower Cheese Ever!

In a past life, I used to run a busy city centre restaurant with my sisters and last year a Tapas bar in Spain… Here is a quick recipe for the  richest, tastiest and most versatile cheese sauce ever to be made! You’ll use this method again and again.



You’ll need a pack of cauliflower/ broccoli … whatever vegetables you fancy!

Half an onion.. chopped fine

3 tbsp butter/ margarine.

3 tbsp plain flour

Half a litre of milk

Tsp mustard ( optional)

1 – 2 cups of grated cheese

Pinch of paprika


Par cook your vegetables in boiling water for 3 minutes and drain.

Photo2132 Photo2134

Place the onion and margarine or butter in the micro. Cook on  full power for 3 minutes.

Photo2136  Photo2137Photo2138

When onions and butter are cooked, stir and add three tbsp of flour, mix again and add the half litre of milk… at this point add a tsp of mustard if using. Don’t worry the mixture will  be hard and lumpy but honestly it will work out, stir the milk through as best you can…place in the micro for a further 3 minutes and find your whisk!


After the 3 minutes, remove from the micro and whisk as well as you can. Add your grated cheese. Stir through.

Place the bowl into the micro and cook for another 3 minutes…

The quantity of cheese depends on the cheese used.

1 cup for a mature cheese, or 1 and a half for a less mature. I used a full cup of mature cheddar in the case

You could use a low fat cheese and supplement the flavour with a touch of parmesan if you like.


The sauce will come out quite thick, which is ideal for placing over vegetables.. Give it a good stiff whisk to even the consistency. If you feel you’d like it thinner simply whisk through some more  milk.


Now TOP TIP.. line your baking dish with grease proof paper.. this will prevent burning and not leave you with a nightmare dish to clean up later!

Pour sauce over vegetables, sprinkle a small amount of cheese over the top and then a good pinch of paprika.

Place in the oven for 30 minutes or till golden brown .. oven temp 180 is fine.

Photo2167 Photo2169

Serve up piping hot. Eat on its own with crusty bread  or with your favourite meat and accompanying vegetables.

Any left over sauce can be potted up and stored in the freezer for up to three months.

This is proper old fashioned comfort food for the soul. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Easiest Cauliflower Cheese Ever!

  1. Ooh, yum yum Helen, thank you! 😀 I will definitely try this; it is so tedious standing over a hot cooker stirring, stirring, stirring. Happy Sunday 😀
    Mo xx

  2. I love coming on here to see what you have been up to Helen 🙂 this looks delicious I don’t like cauliflower but love broccoli so would use that, I wish I could persuade my son to eat some of it though, have a lovely day 🙂

    1. Linda, this sauce will work with anything.. try it with any left over veg that can be disguised for your son to be fooled into trying it.

      I particularly love this with, baby boiled potatoes, baby carrots, peas and sweetcorn.. topped with cracked black pepper instead of paprika.

      Or run through cooked pasta, ham and button mushrooms.. far better than the bought stuff!

      Happy days 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hey 😀 I meant to say – LOve the tip about lining the dish with baking paper, never heard of that before. Nice one 😀
    Mo xx

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