TUESDAY TUTORIAL ….. Vintage Blanket

First of all, I’d like to thank Angie from Le Monde De Sucrette for giving me permission to write up this tutorial… it’s her pattern found on her blog at


All I’ve done for you here is simply broken down her “graphic” pattern into a pictorial for you. This is my first attempt,  so please let me know how I’ve done and if there is anything you think I could add to make it more understandable.

I know that perhaps the photos could be better so I’m getting some upgrades to my camera and perhaps looking at reformatting the layout of the blog.. but I promised you a Tuesday Tutorial so here it is!

For sure,  I absolutely loved making this blanket and after so many requests from you for a pictorial, it’s obvious that all  you guys out there loved it too..

So here we go. …

NB::: All my terms are in US terms.

Stitches you’ll need to know..

Chain                                             ch

Double Crochet                         dc

Slip stitch                                     ss

Half double crochet                 hdc

How to do a half double crochet reminder

Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over draw through 1 loop, yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook


This lovely little square is made up of four rounds

To lets begin.

Make a magic circle  or chain 4, slip stitch into the first chain to make your round.

ROUND 1= 2dc, ch1 .. repeat  6 times

From your ring, Chain 3

It should look like this.. this is your first dc,so add one more double crochet and one chain..



repeat 5 times more…. to give you 6 x 2dc, ch1 ..  your circle should look like the photo below


Slip stitch closed and add your new colour coming up through the chain one space as shown in picture below.

Chain 3  … your first double crochet of next round.

ROUND 2 = 2dc, ch1, 2dc, ch1 into next space


To your chain 3 add, 1xdc, ch1, 2dc, ch1 to form your first cluster… as below Here is your first 2dc, ch1 , 2dc.. ch1 cluster of the 2nd round!


Do this in all the chain one spaces till you have 6 x  2dc,ch1, 2dc, ch1 clusters as seen below


Slip stitch closed and add your new colour, coming up through a chain one space as shown in the picture… chain 3 for the first of your double crochets on the next round..


ROUND 3 = 3dc, ch1 x 12

Chain 3, 2dc, chain1 into the first space … then 3dc, ch1 in all the chain one space as seen below.

Copy of Photo0084

Do this all the way around till you have 12 clusters of 3dc, ch1 as seen below


Slip stitch closed and add your new colour, chain 3, as shown here in below picture.


Now we begin to make this circle into a square.. this is so exciting!!!


To form your corner, add 2dc, ch1 and another 3dc, ch1.

So here, there should be a cluster of

3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1 like in the photo below …  I hope!


In the next two chain one spaces you need to make a cluster of

3hdc, ch1.. till you get to the next corner… like this


3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1.. 2nd corner


Then carry on around with the 3hdc, ch1 , into the next two chain spaces all the way around till you have have finished your square and it looks a little something like the one below… fingers crossed.


As you may or may not know, the last round can be put together with the join- as – you-go method too … below are various photos of the blanket I created from this gorgeous little square .. please have a go and please give me your feed back on my tutorial…. I’m exhausted now.. time to snuggle up under my wonderful woolly blanky. 🙂

Photo2210 Photo2216 Sending you all my best hopes for an excellent rest of the week. Helen xxxxx


14 thoughts on “TUESDAY TUTORIAL ….. Vintage Blanket

  1. Thankyou very much for that Helen, I wanted the pattern for those lovely squares, it looks straightforward and east to follow from your tutorial, I’ll make one up later as a tutorial. I was thinking of making a cushion so I will use these squares, might have to ask for a bit of help there..the back, the joining, do you line them, how do you close the cushion cover etc..sorry Helen I’m cheeky I know 😉 Also Helen, …dopey question on it’s way..what’s the difference between USA and English instructions ? I thought all crochet stitch instructions were the same ?

      1. Hello Lovely lady,

        its not a problem. Basically, the differences between US and Uk is explained beautifully on this site

        Regarding your cushions you could follow the link from Mo .. or cheat. 🙂

        A fellow flickr member suggested buying cheap cushion covers with zips…. make up your crochet work and simply sew the work to the front cover.. great idea for cleaning.. and a great way to get a “quick happy crochet fix”

        Using the cover method also helps the cushion keep its shape.. i know after Alex sat on one of my cushions so many times it ended up looking like a fishing net!!! It really broke my heart after all the work I had put in 😦

        I could do another pictorial if you like for the future????

        massive hugs xxxxx

  2. Love this Helen 😀 Easy to follow for anyone 😀 So a hUge well done to you **WELL DONE** 😀
    Mo xx

    Jane – I understand some of the differences with the different terms, like a US dc is our Treble, our Treble is their double treble, but don’t get what our SC to them would be, or don’t they have one. Why can’t they be universal I say? Why change what wasn’t broken ;D
    With regards to the cushion, there’s a great tutorial from Marg here:
    where the cushion is all crochet or you could follow Lucy’s tutorial where the back is made from an old woolly jumper, here:
    Have a great day
    Mo xx

    1. Hiya Mo… love the links you’ve put on here for the cushion back… I’m going to follow up a tutorial next month for the sew on method .. you’ve given me the idea…. hows your blind coming along.. now thats a project I want to see!

      Lots of hugs x

      1. Hi Helen 😀

        I too would be very interested in a ‘sew on method’ for cushion covers – it would save the storage of old covers, so eco friendly too 😀 Woohoo 😀 This crochet malarkey is sO good on sO many levels – haha ;D
        The hookie part of my blind is completed so it will be passed along to the lovely sewing lady for the actual blind making bitty – much harder than what I did – haha
        I am very excited to see it in-situ, can’t wait 😀 The difficult bit though was trying to block it. It stayed the right size at the top and bottom but squished itself in, in the middle….hmm..I ended up pinning it to a beach towel on the floor, spraying it and leaving it there for as long as I could. It’s pretty much right now, but my friend will need to stretch it ever so slightly to the fabric before she sews it. I’m going to tell her that if she thinks it’s too fiddly (she’s never made a yarny blind before) I will be happy to tack them together for her and then she can do the machiney and techie bits. Oh I do ramble don’t I – sorry folks

      2. Your machine mate is brave taking on a project like that.. after all its going through this has to be a spectacular.

        I’ll get on to the sew on method and see what I can come up with re a tutorial for you guys.

  3. Thankyou Helen and Mo for that info, I will look at it all later..bit preoccupied today, my Mum is very ill in England and was operated on last night,keep fidgeting around trying to do things and doing nothing.
    A tutorial would be great Helen, I’m so amazed i’ve got back into crocheting, just loving it at the moment..and it stops me eating, been on a diet for 2 weeks now lol Have alovely day both of you xx

  4. Well done Helen I’ve only ever done one tutorial and I know how much work goes into it, you have done a great job. I have chosen this lovely little square for my next blanket and I started it yesterday, I’m just going to do it slowly because as usual I’m doing other things at the same time, this will be my chill out project because it’s so relaxing to do. 🙂 have a lovely day x

  5. Whoopie, seems you all understand my tutorial so far!!! Still keep me posted and sorry for some of the typos I’ve made.. I think I’ve put them right… I live in a very hectic house full of distractions!

    Jane, I’m wishing your Mum a speedy recovery.. thinking of you.

    Keep calm and crochet and that goes for all of you xxxx

    Catch you all later xx

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