Roll On Spring

Before you all jump on me, I sent out a “press release” yesterday about an interview. The link break was deliberate. I wanted to give you a taster to ensure that you look in tomorrow for a read… so don’t forget. BUT, back to now….


I’m in an inbetweeny stage at the moment… I’ve stacks of cotton yarn, oodles of acrylic and wool but no projects in mind… ho hum.

When this happens I always resort to wine cosies. Richard and I brew our own wine, either from kits, juices or occasionally when Mums grapes yield a good crop we’ll use them. Hence, I give out lots of wine in lableless  bottles.

Wine cosies make great presents for the hostess at parties and spare your hands from getting wet/cold when taken out of the fridge, plus they offer a little protection against breakages.

Another secret, they hide a little less than vintage bottle of home made plonk!

Here is one I made for Christmas but never got around to giving out. Add a little heart and you have a Valentine/Anniversary gift. This one is actually made on a circular loom. I love looms as you can mix yarns to get some amazing effects. 


My mission this week was to make a cosy that “fitted snug” over the bottle and didn’t slip.. heaven forbid your bottle slips out of your hand and you waste all that wine.

I made a nice little bottom from the cotton yarn bought at Lidl… sweet success is mine. I’m really pleased.

Photo2269Now all I need is a nice sunny day, my wooleater blanket on the lawn, my bbq alight and a nice drop of something sweet and bubbling wrapped up inside one of my cotton bottle cosies… roll on spring, I can hear my flips flops calling me!

Don’t forget, pop in tomorrow… lots of rain drenched cuddles from Cardiff…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Roll On Spring

  1. Ooh I like these Helen 😀 I don’t ‘drink’ but do like nicely presented bottles as gifts and these are just the ticket 😀 I made an attempt at making my own for a friend to give to her sister but was too embarrassed by them to photo, haha. My friend liked them (she said) but have no way of knowing if she actually sent them of course ;D Anyhoo. are these going to appear in a Tuesday tutorial any time?
    Looking forward to tuning in tomorrow 😀
    Mo xx

    1. Hiya Mo,

      yes I was thinking of doing a tutorial of one of these soon and now I’ve got the gizmo I needed to get my camera working better on macro/close up facility I’ll be happier with future tutorials.

      These bottle covers can be used for anything, I’ve vinegar and olive oil covers in the kitchen and a water bottle that I used to take to the gym so that no one would swig out of my bottle in error!

      In the bathroom, I used to have one for a large bottle of bubble bath to stop it slipping out of my hands.

      We’ll have to have a photo report on the worst of crochet for a giggle one day..I’ve a few errors I’ve made in the past which I never uploaded. hahahahah.

  2. You know what Helen add a long handle and they would be good for carrying a water bottle to an exercise class. I hate carrying my bottle in my hand when I go to my zumba class, these would look really good and I bet everybody will want one. 🙂

      1. Not forgetting that you have lightning fingers now – it would probably take the rest of us the whole evening, haha (well me anyways)

        I funny bad crochet day would be good fun but I bet most people have pulled it back (frogged? don’t get that); worth a go though ;D

        Re a long handle; the one I added to a little bag I made tends to stretch ugliyl (lol – I know!) but a wee girl is happy with it for her dollies bless her

        Mo xx

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