A little sunshine on a dull day



I can’t shift the clouds nor coax the sun to come but I can send you a  little faux sunshine on a dull dull day … this is my current work in progress for a little girl soon to be born.

I so wish you could see the real colours. It’s like a tropical sunset, a pink grapefruit and pink sherbet  all rolled into one.


 Pattern link …   http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/angelcrafts/patterns/roundripple.html

I’ve had a busy weekend catching up with a very good friend of mine who I met originally in Spain. We got together yesterday in Bristol and so enthralled was I to see her again I totally forgot to take any photos 😦

BUT … what I loved doing for her was giving her a gift… my First Japanese ScarfPhoto1216I placed it over her shoulders as though it were one of those Aloha flower garlands from Hawaii! ( I think they’re called Lei’s) It was a wonderful moment which made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside seeing her face.

Ahh, well back to hooky and coffee before I venture out into this dreadful weather.. R’s not been well so needs to get to the physio for some treatment, so forgive me if my posts are a little brief over the next few weeks!

 Sending you all my sunniest, brightest smiles to get you through these snow sprinkled days.

 Keep warm and crochet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


13 thoughts on “A little sunshine on a dull day

  1. That must have been lovely seeing your friend. You’re so sweet, you gave her your Japanese scarf which is gorgeous by the way! The pressie for the little baby looks lovely Helen, is it a blanket, she’ll be so snuggley in it. I love the colours.
    It’s not very nice here either today, very dull and quite chilly. Have you got snow? Hope Richard is back on his feet soon. Have alovely day and hope you get some crochet time 🙂

  2. That blanket is stunning Helen love the colours. I bet your friend was thrilled to get that scarf and very touched it’s beautiful. Hope Richard gets well soon. Keep warm and snug. 🙂

  3. What beautiful work Helen. You really do have a gift. I can see you with a very busy, very successful Etsy shop 😀
    I bet you had a brilliant day with your friend. So nice to catch up 😀 and I can imagine how thrilled she would have been when you gave her that gorgeous scarf 😀 Was she always the intended recipient?
    Hugs to Richard, hope he feels better soon 😉
    Mo xx

    1. Ohh Gosh, I’m not sure if I’d open an etsy shop yet. I’d have to see Mo.

      No the giving of the scarf was just a moment of madness, totally impulsive!

      And yes I had a lovely day with my matey.. she’s mad as a box of frogs, lots of giggles .. I’ll miss her like mad now.

      Richard has to rest but he’s very grateful for all your best wishes. He follows my blog too!! hahaha.

      Lots of love to you all … have you guys made anything with your Lidl’s stash yet?

      H xxxxxxxx

  4. Hiya Mo… I’ll have a look at that and thanks for the link… will we be able to find your work on Flickr when its finished???

    Bigs hugs to you and Wee Man, Big man, middle man and everyone else!

  5. Helen, you KNOW how much I love that blanket!! And… sometimes those impulsive gifts are the very best….. this obviously was one of those times. Those kind of friends are ones to cherish!

    I do hope Richard feels better soon. Life is full of ups and downs, isn;t? But you have such a way of always interjecting sunlight into it!

  6. Hi Helen,

    Check this out Helen http://karinaandehaak.blogspot.com/
    I know you would like it.
    It is in Dutch but I saw a English button .
    Love that pillow with all the colors in it and Karin is sharing the pattern.
    Am sick and husband ended up in the emergency.
    Yesterday he had two test they took a biopsy and we hear something next week.
    Love all the things you made and you are a my real inspiration.


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