Tuesdays Top Tips ..

As you may or may not know I am a self taught crochetier. I started about this time last year from  when I had such a disaster teaching myself to knit that I had to go out and buy a crochet hook to help picking up dropped stitches in a scarf I was making…  now knitting is history and crochet rocks my life… but what’s a goose got to do with all this you ask.


Look carefully at the gooses face.. its full of questions… have you any bread for me?? have you any wool for me?? have you a pattern link for me or a tutorial??? Questions I’ve asked and keep asking again and again.


Ok, so now I have your attention. ..

For those of you with little or no knowledge of crochet, wishing to improve skills or learn, I would suggest YouTube…. there are a whole load of tutorials on there but I have to admit my favourite Crochet Guru would have to be The Art Of Crochet by Teresa Richardson.

Videos with Teresa are FANTASTIC for learning, reviving skills and for challenging even the most experienced crochetier. Teresa teaches anything from very basic crochet, to Tunisian crochet and 3d flowers.

Her website … crochet mania is just as good offering written patterns with help videos. Linked here




My other favourite on YouTube would be Mikey… you’ll find him on the net with his Crochet Crowd ..  beware you will be dazzled by this guy! He knits, crochets, looms and has a section on “extreme crochet” for the brave. Give yourself a treat and look him up

Link up here




Now for written pattern links…


There’s crochet central.. although  little old fashioned, its poor photos leave a lot to be desired but with an open eye it could be utilised for effect. All if not most patterns are free.


Link here http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory.php


BUT.. my latest and most valued source for patterns, with images, photos and valid comments from real people working with the patterns has to be Ravelry.


Ravelry is free to join, 80% of the patterns are free and instantly available to download.


You can find guides, books reviews and a fantastic array of photos of the same pattern used by hundreds of people, crocheted and individually interpreted by them… and isn’t that the wonderful thing of crochet


One pattern, a hundred ways to make it all come together………


Ravelry can even direct you to local crochet/knitting circles in your area, advice about events and offers through local shops.


Register with Ravelry free on here http://www.ravelry.com/ to get your hands on some gorgeous patterns, exchange ideas and compliment your Flickr account.


So, have a look and let me know what you think………………..


Ps.. The geese photos were taken today at Roath Park lake whilst waiting for Richard to finish at the physio.. it was freezing and Alex refused to get out of the car but the geese came to us instead 🙂


Next week, tutorial….. lots of hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx








6 thoughts on “Tuesdays Top Tips ..

  1. I can’t believe you have been crocheting for only a year. You are fabulous at it!
    I love Mikey too! I will check out Teresa Richardson. I am a self-taught crocheter……..when I was a little girl my grandma taught me how to chain stitch. Then we moved away, and even tho my mother crocheted, she did not have “the time” or “the patience” to teach me…………………..so I taught myself from one of her pattern books. Needless, I do not know how to do a lot, and after all these years, still consider myself to be an OK crocheter.

    1. Hi PJ,

      I’m glad you’ve met Mikey. He really is so good isn’t he. He always makes me giggle.

      My Mum never taught me to knit but cross stitch and very good at it she was too. A lady once showed me to crochet when I was little whilst waiting for my mum at the hairdressers but nothing from then till last year!… where can we see some of your work PJ, cos I bet you’re better than just OK!!!

      I’d love to see what you’re making now.. my very best to you

      H xx

  2. Hi Helen

    How lovely to see geese close up. We only get ducks around here. Wee man loves it when we see hUGe flocks of geese going over head though. We, well I, generally try counting them ……quickly cos it makes him laugh, and he loves numbers.

    I don’t blame Alex for wanting to stay in the car – brrrrrrr 😉

    I too love Teresa and Mikey. He makes me giggle. The larger of my Christmas wreaths were made using one of Mikey’s video tutorials. Teresa is so very good and I love the way she slow- mo’s some of her video just so you can catch what she’s doing more easily. I have recommended her to none crochetiers several times when they are kind enough to say they like what I’ve done and wish they could do the same. The interweb (as said by Paul O’Grady 😉 ) is such a wonderful source of soooo very much I get lost in it sometimes and don’t get any actually hookie work done – eek! haha.

    I must get a proper lookie see round Ravelry – I’ve used at several times after a link took me to a pattern there but never stopped for a real mooch, so I will make that my next ‘lost time’ expedition 😉

    Like PJ Silver, I was amazed when I first heard you had only been a hooker (hehehe 😉 ) for such a short amount of time Helen 🙂 Welcome PJ 😀 and Maggie 😀 – I too would like to see your work 😀

    Best wishes for a Terrific Tuesday everyone
    Mo xx

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