Sarah’s Babyghan Finished




This pattern I originally saw on Flickr and fell in love with it.


So this is what I wanted to follow on with from my Tuesdays Top Tips.


I found the pattern in Raverlry… Free.


I had a chance to look at 936 projects to get some inspiration from for colours.P1230163

And keep a log of hook used, yarn used, date started and date finished. This only took me 4 days.

I used my 75p per ball yarn, 3.5mm hook and it measures 95cm point to point.


I just hope Mum soon to be Sarah will be pleased with it too.


I’m pleased as punch with it.


And now to think and ponder as to what I’m going to crochet next!!!! Hmmmmm 


9 thoughts on “Sarah’s Babyghan Finished

  1. Oh well done Helen! Another triumphant beauty 😀 I bet mum-to-be will also be ‘pleased as punch’ with it. I know I would have been. Ah, the excitement of imminent motherhood. I loved being pregnant, every time 😀

    What are you ‘in the mood’ to make? Little bitties, like your angel monkie? Some cushion covers – ooh, you were going to do a tute about that weren’t you ;D What about an afghan jUst for you? Are you interested in amigurumi? Did you see the link from tiffsniffer’s blog about the person that makes dragon’s and such?
    Incredible doesn’t do it justice. Hope you enjoy looking 😀
    Mo xx

    1. Wow, thank you girls. I love this little babyghan as you can see. I’m a little tired today, so took Alex to the library and picked up some crafty books… still not sure what to do so working on my wooleater at the moment till I get flash of inspiration… a siesta might be in order too.

      But not before I have a peep at the those sites you’ve mentioned Mo!

      Hope you’re all having a fab afternoon.

      Lots of hugs to all of you xxxxxxxxx

  2. Great tip about keeping a log of the yarn and hook size. It’s important when you have lots of projects on the go. It’s something I always forget to do.
    It’s looking great. You’re right to be pleased with it. Job well done!

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