Crochet in the Snow!

I get so excited about snow .. would you believe it at my age! There is something so cathartic about it though and I love the brightness it brings to the grey days not to mention the bravery of little bulbs facing the elements to show off their blooms.


These are  heart garlands that have in the garden… so lovely to see them dusted in snow. I have an urge to yarn bomb the garden one day just to see my neighbours faces… hahahah


And Alex loves it too.. just a walk around the gardens and he’s happy to stay in without complaining. 


Don’t you just love these leaves in the snow… they look just like flames.. so beautiful.P2040161My neighbours Secret Garden.. isn’t it  gorgeous.. un-trodden and mysterious.


And my bad finger…. hmmm yes, a little infection has set it after a little incident with Alex’s teeth 🙂 He must have thought my finger to be tasty and bit it during a tantrum last week… soon be mended though after a trip to the nurse yesterday, I’m full of anti-biotics and iodine patches. 😦


And nothing will stop me crocheting as you can see,I’ve been trying out Jolly Bunting as found on Attic 24 and inspired by Annies rainbows on Flickr. I want to make some for my baby cousin and for Alex too.

You lovely people take good care in this weather and stay warm under all those woolley wonders you’ve been making. I’ve got Ericka Knights book of 250 Motifs to keep me company whilst Richard watches the cricket.

Sending you all my warmest hugs … xxxxxxx many kisses too xxxxxxxx


9 thoughts on “Crochet in the Snow!

  1. Ah, Helen, such lovely pics 😀 No snow here yet, lots of rain today has kept Jack Frost away. I prefer the frost 😉
    Sweet, brave crocus. The mild weather that was around obviously fooled it a little.
    The bunting does look sweet dusted in snow and those red leaves certainly do look like flames, as if someone has set a wee camp-side fire to keep out the cold. Hope they’ve got hot chocolate too 😉
    There is something ‘secretive’ about untrodden snow in a garden….. 😀
    That motif book looks good Helen. Have you just got it? I’ve got a couple coming by post. A flowers one & a flowers & butterflies one. Be nice for hairbands/bobbles.
    Look forward to seeing your bunting, and I hope your finger isn’t too painful
    Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo,

      I love the garden due to the fact that I dont have to mow it and I only look after a very small part of it.

      My books came from the library.. I always look before I buy and then I go to Amazon.

      I like the sound of crochet butterflies 🙂

      Finger doing fine thanks xxxxxx love to the family xxxx

  2. Love your little garden, Helen. So quaint! I LOVE secret gardens, altho don’t have one of my own. Take care of that finger, but I KNOW it won’t slow your crocheting down. Bless you!

    1. Hi Pam… I’ll be posting more pics of the garden now I have my posh camera back on the road 🙂

      I’ve been a little slower but gradually getting through my work .. hopefully I might get around to finishing off that tutorial I had started too!

      Bestest of everything to you all x

  3. Hi Helen, What lovely photos! I love the snow-dusted bunting 🙂 We had about 2″ of snow last night but most of it had gone by morning. Thanks for your tip re cushions on Flickr. Hope your finger is feeling better soon. At least it’s not stopping your crochet. Maggie xx

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