Tuesday Tutorial Wine Cosy

Hello my Lovely ones. Gosh have I been sleeping! Sleeping for Wales it seems on these anti- biotics and boy do I feel better. The throbbing in my finger has been replaced with a nice irritating itch indicating that the old war wound is on the mend.. hurray! So back to crochet in earnest with my second installment of a tutorial. Bitten fingers crossed that you’ll understand it. If you dont just let me know and I’ll do my best to guide you.

I know a lot of you have got a few “big” projects on the go but after the enthusiasm expressed over my wine cosy I thought I’d take you through a tutorial anyway. Don’t forget that these can be made for most bottles, water bottles, feeding bottles and covers for large shower gel bottles to stop them slipping out of your hands.. just use a good cotton yarn and ensure the fit is snug… I used my Lidl stash … 3mm hook .. but use coloured yarns, embellish them with hearts for valentine, baubles for Christmas,  team colours for sports bottles and stamp your own personality into them, even straps!


Stitches used

Slip Stitch                      ss

Chain                            ch

Single crochet              sc

Double crochet             dc

Special terms

Fan Cluster          This will made up of four double crochets into the indicated stitch

Shell                      Used on the last round and made of SIX double crochets and sc to secure.

So lets start with  a good foundation .. the bottom base to stop your bottle slipping out.


Round 1

Make your magic ring or chain up 4 and slip stitch into the first chain to close.. from there chain up 3 as belowP1210090

Round 2 = 16 x dc

make a further 15 double crochets out of your ring to complete 16 x dc as below


Round 3 = 2xdc in each space ….. all around till you get a total 32 dc as pictures below


When you have 32 dc all around slip stitch into the top of your first chain 3, close and chain up 3 again


From here take your bottle and ensure that it fits on the base…


We can start constructing the base so that it fits snug by working the next round out of the BACK LOOPS ONLY






ROUND 4 = double crochet into each stitch out of the BACK LOOPS ONLY as below.. this makes the ridge. = 32 dc


Work like this, through the back loops, all around till you can see the “ridge appear” and hopefully it should look a little like the picture below .. then place your bottle inside to see if it nice and snug and begins to creep up the bottle like the picture further down. Yes???

If so, then slip stitch closed into the first chain three.

P1210116   P1210118

Round 5 =4 double crochet, skip the next three stitches


This is he start of making your fan clusters, so hold your work so that you’re working around the outside

Chain up 3 .. this is the first double crochet that makes up your fan cluster…. as below


Make another three double crochets into the same stitch so that you have your first  fan cluster of four  dc’s as below


Then SKIP three stitches and make another fan cluster with 4 x double crochets.. work around… 4 x dc … skip 3 stitches till you get to the end of the round and slip stitch closed as below

See the 3 skipped stitches in- between the fans clusters here…


You should end up with a cradle like this in your first round of fan clusters


So now we need to start working our way up the bottle towards the neck yes?

Round 6 =4 dc out of the middle of each cluster from the previous round ..


Slip stitch into the next stitch on the left and then SINGLE CROCHET into the middle gap of your fan cluster from the previous round.. from here chain 2 up..  that will be your first double crochet, then make another 3 x dc to complete your cluster of 4 dc as here..


Then jump over to the next fan cluster from the previous round and place 4 dc into the middle gap .. do this all around.. finish by slip stitching into the top of your first chain.. it should look like this when you slip your bottle into it to check for size and snugness!



So just continue round six till you have the the right amount to reach the top of your bottle.

Keep checking and watching it grow..

P2050201 P2050202P2050204

You’ll be amazed at the speed these things grow… so now to finish off the top edge.. I like to use a shell stitch so slip stitch close as per normal and start on

Last round .. 6 double crochet (shells) in each fan cluster from previous round

Slip stitch into the next stitch on the left and single crochet into the middle of your previous cluster, chain 2, your first double crochet, BUT THIS TIME add 5 more double crochet.. add one single crochet in the gap between the shells  as shown by the pin pointer below.. this keeps the shell secure.

Then jump across to the next cluster and add SIX double crochet in the middle … single crochet in the gap and repeat


Ohhh, I hope this makes sense as I’m just getting my head around Photoshop for you!

Carry on around till you get to the end of your round and slip stitch of your first shell… tie off and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial Wine Cosy

  1. Oh Thanks Helen!! I made this in my head as I read along and it makes PERfect sense to me 🙂 Bravo 😀
    So glad to hear your finger is on the mend. Sleep is such a good healer……..for many ails.
    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday 😉
    Mo xx

  2. Thanks for the pattern Helen I will definitely have to do a couple of those one each for daughter and myself for water bottles when going to Zumba class, just need to find the time between the other 5 projects on the go at the moment, will post a picture when they are done. Glad your finger is healing and that you are feeling a lot better. 🙂

  3. Oh Yippie, Yippie, Yippie! A “tute” for those wine bottle covers. Can’t wait to try it! Way to go, Helen!

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