Tuesday Top Tips .. Crafty Crochet


Would you believe that nothing in this photo cost me more than £1.. yes and those little hearts at the top were just 50p.

So I wanted to make you aware that instead of spending hours to make something.. you can cheat.. yes I know it may not be the same but at least once you’ve assembled all your Swag together you can legitimately say its handmade.. and personalised.

I resorted to this kind of thing when I couldn’t find Bondaweb to make the letters for Abi’s bunting.. so I bought those self adhesive stars that you can see above, cut out the letters, stuck them to the bunting and made a running stitch around them.. the result, I hope you’ll agree, is gorgeous.. especially the glittery letters on the reds and pinks… and the same with the hearts on the finials!!

P2120282  P2120285 P2120283

Glitter letters                                                     Simple Hearts      = Looking Fab!

So here is an insight as to what is available out there to give that extra wow factor to your work. You can find these type of things in the Hobby shops and online .. but I would say have a look around your local Pound shops first.. Arm yourself with a five pound note and shop like a millionaire!


No, I didn’t crochet these.. they were 12 for 50p.. complete with stick on adhesive patches on the back of the small ones and pins on the back of the larger ones…. amazing eh.


These hearts were just 50p for the WHOLE BOX and half of them are gone into making the bunting.. bargain .

Also here is a site I discovered on the internet that sell some wonderful crafty things which you can order in.

Baker Ross sell all things hearts and flowers, transfers and  lots more to make cards. To embellish your woolens,  there are loads of self adhesive letters, numbers, sparklies, butterflies and teddies.. you’ll be amazed at the selection of felt products and fabric art.. really you must have a look!



Give them a visit.

So here you can see, the Valentine cards I’ve made with my little bargain stash for my Boys… yes, I  give Alex a Valentine card  .. have done since the day he was born.. because I love him and I want him to know it 🙂

But which one is for Alex and which one for Richard.. the guess is yours!

Happy V day to you all … with lots of love, kisses and hugs .. and hopefully chocolate…lots of it!!!

Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Tips .. Crafty Crochet

  1. Hi Helen :-h

    These are really gorgeous and the pre-sticky stars are a great idea! =D> Are they felt?
    I’ve looked at the Baker Ross site and wOw! They have pre-sticky felt sheets that would be perfect for this project too. or any where one needs to stick an adornment that isn’t yarn. Hmm 😕 am thinking about spots……idea bubbles in little brain here =))

    My friend and I went into our local pound shop and she got loads of craft supplies for her card making. We both get so over excited looking at crafty stuff. Surprised we haven’t been banned – but perhaps they appreciate the free entertainment we provide hehe =))

    Well best drag butt back to form filling. Have a GR8 one
    Mo xx

      1. Oh, you and me both Helen 😉 haha
        I once ‘lost’ 2hours in Hobby Craft in Aberdeen. It’s huge and just sooo awesome. Just managed to get the train home on time, haha. Wee man was quite happy bless him, wandering up and down the aisles with me “Look at the size of that one! What a lot of hookie work you could do with that” as I drool over the yarn corner 😉 Heaven 😀
        Mo xx

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