Special Hand made Chocolates … heaven

I love chocolate and I love making my own truffles for special occasions like Christmas and Valentines to give out to friends and even post out… this is by far the best method I’ve discovered .. simple and delicious, versatile and only restricted by the limits of your imagination.

Brandy.. for classic… Malibu and coconut.. Baileys and white chocolate.. or Cointreau and ginger are just some combinations which work well.. or keep them innocent!

chocolate heven


Basic truffle mixture:

5 oz (150 g) very best quality dark chocolate (at least 75 per cent cocoa solids)

5 fl oz (150 ml) thick double cream

1 oz (25 g) unsalted butter

2 tablespoons rum or brandy

1 level tablespoon Greek yoghurt

For the plain truffles:

1 level dessertspoon cocoa powder

For the ginger truffles:

¾ oz (20 g) preserved ginger, very finely chopped, plus some extra cut into small pieces

For the toasted almond truffles:

1 oz (25 g) flaked almonds, very finely chopped and well toasted

For the chocolate-coated truffles:

2 oz (50 g) dark chocolate (at least 75 per cent cocoa solids)

½ teaspoon groundnut oil

a little cocoa for dusting


You will also need some paper sweet cases and, for the chocolate-coated truffles, a sheet of silicone paper (baking parchment).

This recipe is taken from Delia Smith’s Christmas and The Delia Collection: Chocolate


P2140374     P2140380 P2140377


For the basic truffle mixture, break the chocolate into squares and place it in the bowlof a food processor. Switch on and grind the chocolate until it looks granular, like sugar. Now place the cream, butter and rum or brandy in a small saucepan and bring these to simmering point.

Then, with the motor switched on, pour the mixture through the feeder tube of the processor and continue to blend until you have a smooth, blended mixture. Now add the yoghurt and blend again for a few seconds. Next transfer the mixture, which will be very liquid at this stage, into a bowl, allow it to get quite cold, then cover it with clingfilm and refrigerate overnight. Don’t worry: it will thicken up after several hours.
Next day divide the mixture equally among four small bowls, and keep each one in the fridge until you need it. Then proceed with the following to make four different varieties. Make sure you have all the little paper cases opened out ready before your hands get all chocolatey!
Plain Truffles
For these, you simply sift 1 level dessertspoon of cocoa powder on to a flat plate, then take heaped half teaspoons of the first batch of truffle mixture and either dust each one straight away all over, which gives the truffle a rough, rock-like appearance, or dust your hands in cocoa and roll each piece into a ball and then roll it in the cocoa powder if you like a smoother look. Place it immediately into a paper case. Obviously the less handling the better as the warmth of your hands melts the chocolate.
Ginger truffles
Mix the finely chopped ginger into the second batch of truffle mixture using a fork, then proceed as above, taking small pieces, rolling or not (as you wish), and dusting with cocoa powder before transferring each one to a paper case.
Toasted almond truffles
Sprinkle the very finely chopped toasted almond flakes on a flat plate, take half a teaspoonful of the third batch of truffle mixture and roll it round in the nuts, pressing them to form an outer coating.
Chocolate-coated truffles
For these you need to set the chocolate and oil in a bowl over some hot but not boiling water and allow it to melt until it becomes liquid, then remove the pan from the heat. Now spread some silicone paper on a flat surface and, dusting your hands with cocoa, roll each truffle into a little ball. Using two flat skewers, one to spike the truffle and one to manoeuvre it, dip each truffle in the chocolate so that it gets a thin coating and then quickly transfer it to the paper. If the chocolate begins to thicken replace the pan on the heat so that it will liquefy again. Leave the coated truffles to set completely then, using a palette knife, quickly transfer them into their waiting paper cases.
Now arrange all the truffles in a box or boxes and cover. Keep them refrigerated and eatwithin three days. Alternatively, truffles are ideal for freezing.

Alternatively there are a range of confectioners decorations with can be used I as did with the glitter sugar and white choccy stars.. or walnuts after you’ve dipped them in chocolate… use your imagination and enjoy 🙂


P2140384  P2140381 P2140385


Ahhhhhhhh… choccy heaven!


18 thoughts on “Special Hand made Chocolates … heaven

  1. Aaargh! What are you trying to do to me woman (lmao) – you know I’m on a diet! Now I’m just going to hAve to fit these into my snack menu too 😉 *sigh* oh dear. Oh me, oh my *sigh*
    😀 😀 😀 😀
    Thank you Helen, these look verrry yummy for my oversized tummy 😉
    I too love making sweeties. I sent some to son1, gf and family in Sweden at Christmas. Well received, and munched, me thinks 😉

    As an aside – I found a new CAL this morning, it’s going to start today if anyone is interested. It’s a mystery CAL and KAL from Bernat Yarns and can be found here:

    Happy cooking 😀 Have a lovely Wednesday
    Mo xx

    1. Gosh Mo.. you really spoil your family and so you should.

      I sent some to my mate in warrington .. she was delighted.

      I’m looking to make something new as all my work is complete now.

  2. You are re-defining the Domestic Goddess! Nigella, step aside! Helen has arrived! You are amazing! These look delicious! and so professional. You could start your own catering for parties and special events! Wow! no wonder your boys spoil you, and so they should! Have a great day querida!

  3. My mouth is watering just reading your post. I’ll DEFINITELY save these recipes so I can make them the next holiday……………..if I can wait that long! Thanks Helen! You are a pro at whatever you do!


  4. Hahah, I think my backside is about the same size as Nigellas now… but I have to say Richard drools over her when he sees her on the TV .. and not just at her food!!

    Honestly, these are the most simple things to make.. as for working at making them professionally, it would take all the fun away from making them.

    Lots of choccy kisses, besos and tanti baci for all of you and your lovely comments xxxxxxx Mwah! xxx

  5. I wish my backside was the same size as Nigella’s but it’s probably twice as big. I’ve put two extra inches on just looking at the photos!
    I really fancy making the ginger version. Ginger comes from a plant. That’s one of your five a day!!
    Great job!

  6. Helen, Helen…..gorgeous BUT I’m on a diet too…well….I was till hubby came home and out came the wine and apperatifs lol I’ll keep the recipe though, looks yummy 🙂
    Oh and Mo said something about a CAL and KAL…..emmmmm..what’s that ?

    1. Hi Jane 😀
      A CAL is a crochet-a-long and KAL is knit-a-long
      It’s where everyone makes the same thing at the same time, and chat together on-line about it, posting pictures, getting help, getting tips and encouraging each other along the way ;0) I’ve never done one before, always too late to start usually, but also was unsure what it was and/or how to get involved. But this one just started today so I’ve joined. Also I joined because I just happen to have available yarn that would make a lovely blanket. It’s not Bernat’s Yarn, but that doesn’t matter.
      Hope some of you can join us 😉
      Mo x

      1. Amazing how many of you are on diets.. but I’m with Jane that I cant help myself when the hubby says lets have treat… hehehe

        Mo.. I’ve made so many blankets this past year.. I fancy perhaps making something different.. I’ve no idea what yet though… HELP!!!

  7. Hmm, what about stuff to wear ready for Spring/Summer? There are some lovely lacy cardi’s out there for when there’s a chill in the air. A light scarf or two maybe?
    What about some charity goods like stuffed animals (practice your amigurumi ;)), little kiddies clothes? Ooh, some summery stuff for young Abby?
    Hope you can choose something you’re happy with
    Mo xx

  8. Oh thanks for that Mo 🙂 Ohhhh, a lovely lacy cardi for Springtime would be lovely. CrochetMe do some lovely patterns but you have to pay for them 😦

    1. Talking of cardi’s…just found a great site…the daily crocheter, click on to cardigans and jackets and there you will find some beautifull lacy cardigan patterns FREE 🙂

    1. I was shocked the patterns are free Helen, most of the nice ones you have to pay for! I can see some lovely lacy cardis on the agenda for springtime 🙂

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