Yay Explore, Wooleater & Cardigans!


I guess it was well worth standing on the step ladders to take this shot then.

I finally got on to the Explore pages with this photo through flickr…. YAY!!!!!  you’ll find it here.


 There is something about the Wooleater pattern that I would definitely recommend  you try… but it does live up to its name WOOLEATER. So be prepared for the expense, although it works well with standard acrylic yarn and thank god that I found some in Shaws for just 75p a ball.


The texture is amazing. It’s warm and the effects of the little chains over lapping into the next colour section make for a wonderful tactile piece of work that you just can’t help but stroke and run your hands over… in fact, it almost became like a family pet, that I watched grow into a beautiful blanket thanks to regular feeds, every four hours through the night!

Its now the family “piggy blanket” made for picnics, lazy summer days on the lawn and something to keep us warm on a breezy summer beach…Ok, ok …. let me have my dream

If you want to have a try then you can find the pattern and tutorial here on Sarah London




Now its dilemma time.  I’m struggling to find the next project to make….thanks for your suggestions of cardigans and baby clothes, but the truth is the idea of making something to fit horrifies me! Could that be the reason why I favour making afghans and cushions?

BUT, there was something that did catch my eye (although not yet totally convinced…) a lovely cardigan that would hide a million chocolate sins and forgive a less than perfect lap around the running track ( got to get back to the gym!)

Here is the link for the pattern thanks to Jane and Mo for suggesting Daily Crochet


 A few days off the hook  should allow something to catch my eye… nothing like Crotchetier’s Block eh!


Anyways, if you want to have a giggle, pop over to see Babancat blog.. http://babancat.blogspot.com/ she’s got a video on there than brought me to my knees with laughter.. it’s called Sh*t knitters say .. need I say anymore!!


Have a fantastic sunny spring on its way day….. Helen x


7 thoughts on “Yay Explore, Wooleater & Cardigans!

  1. OMG Helen….you will never believe me….I have been trying to send you that very pattern!!!!!!!!!! I saw it and loved it coz it looks very easy and I thought possibly Helen would like this, so I tried to copy it into a file but it just wouldn’t copy but I swear that’s the one I’ve been trying to send you. Now, what a coincidence is that lol

    1. SPOOOKYYYYY HOOOOKY …..Welcome to the twilight zone!!!!

      It is a gorgeous jacket and I was thinking of making it … I’m gonna have a look at the pattern more closely when I get a few mins to myself this afternoon 🙂

      Will this be the ONE??? heheheh

      Big hugs xxxx

    2. No way!? Me too! Now hubby is going to be convinced I’m some kinda witch, haha 😀 I loved this as soon as I saw it and thought of Helen (and me and daughter, hehe) It’s so versatile and the Naturally Caron yarn is lovely to use, so softy, floaty like 😉
      I will pop over to babancat later on to have a laugh 😀 I think it would kill me at the moment I have had a terrible migraine this morning, but it’s clearing now thank heaven. Just feel hungover 😦 Time to collect wee man.
      Mo xx

  2. Love that blanket Helen the colours are stunning, I must do something with this pattern! As for the jacket it’s beautiful go on I dare you to make it, I’ll see what yours turns out like then may have a go myself 🙂 Thanks for the interesting links you do realise I’m spending far too much time browsing when there is work to be done!! all your fault lol have a lovely day 🙂

    1. I’ll take the blame Linda.. dont worry.. I’m still pondering as to what to make 😦

      I really shouldn’t buy any more yarn and I’ve not enough of the same colour to make this jacket … ohhh woe is me 😦

      But the weekend is here and I’m smiling… surfing the internet for patterns x

  3. Love your blanket it is a stunner & the colors pop so beautiful. It looks difficult.
    Wool is way too warm here & cost too much too. Still paying on the medical bills and off and need 2 more surgeries.
    Maybe one of these days I give it a try with other yarn.
    The jacket is gorgeous would love to make it but bust 38 ?
    I could swim in it. Am a slim /trim person and not very tall either. Am afraid that it is going to be way too long t + too wide.
    Sure could use something like this with air- condition here.
    As you know I am new to corcheting and can not read those drawings.
    Need to learn it and I like a challange.
    Can read it for knitting but not for crocheting.
    Sending luv,

    1. Thanks again… I’m not sure about the jacket either.. I’m short .. I really hope you find yourself feeling better… loved all your photos on flicke. Your sqaures are beautiful Yoka xxxx

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