Porthcawl Beach .. the best of Wales!

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I get “cabin fever”.. and handling Alex during these times is hard work.  So without further ado, we all jumped into the car to go for a short spin. However, having been woken up at “silly o clock”  by Alex, I quickly  fell asleep in the passenger seat “zzzzz”

Richard knowing that I needed the rest drove us  on to Porthcawl allowing me to catch up on some sleep knowing that Alex was content in the back of the car wearing a big grin.. when Richard stopped the car to wake me, this was the scene that greeted me..  I’ve a great husband!

Porthcawl  Feb 20th 2012


Catch you al tomorrow with the tutorial .. have a great evening .. H xxxx


16 thoughts on “Porthcawl Beach .. the best of Wales!

  1. Oh joy of joys – what a fantastic view to open ones eyes to! 😀 You lucky lucky people 😀 I do so LOVE being by the sea 😀
    Am loving the new blog colours too Helen 😀 Bright & fresh like a summer sky 😉

    1. Thanks Mo… I just needed to brighten the site up a bit .. lets change the colours with the seasons shall we!

      Some people find water and the sea calming.. I love the energy of it. It just makes me run around like an excited puppy! I should grow up!!!! 🙂

      1. Oh snap! Me too! It makes me feel just SO alive! 😀 I like the wind for that reason too, the force of it, the power, the movement it creates, the feel of it!!… ahh..heaven to me… *sigh*… haha 😀

        Change the colours with the seasons eh? 🙂 That’s a creative idea 😉 Is this blue for a frosty Winter then? 😀

      2. Spring and blue skies, and daffodils – mine are peeping 😉 – and the beginnings of a new growing season – YippEE!! 😀

  2. What a beautiful view! I was born in a town near Lake Erie (one of our Great Lakesbut had to move away when I was seven. My sisters were quite older than me so they told me many stories about growing up near the lake and also stories about playing on the beach, etc. Sometimes I wish I had gotten to do so as well. Where I live is two hours from the beaches. Sometimes I yearn to smell those fishy smells. They were not as beautiful as your site however. Pam

    1. Really???? Wow. I’m very lucky to live in Cardiff, I have the city just 15 mins away, the sea about 20mins away and some stunning green valley walks about 15mins. A little bit of everything for the soul. However, after all the glorious sights I’ve seen on your flickr, including firey skies and palm trees I’d say you live in a pretty impressive part of the world too!!! Have you visited the UK?

  3. How wonderful to wake up and see the ocean.
    It looks very different than here in NE Florida but I like it too.
    It is so soothing. You sure do have a great husband and am glad it made you so happy Helen.
    Love the blue too it is more restful for my eyes.
    That overactive Graves is still going on.
    BTW love the blanket pattern you shared am doing it and loving it.

    1. Hi Yoka… your comment has made me so happy. You must let us see your blanket when you finish.

      Yes, I love the sea, its like therapy, at times it relaxes me and other times it gives me so much energy. Its an amazing feeling.

      Stay well dear friend… lots of hugs from helen x

  4. Blessings Helen! I love your photos of the sea & your happy blog. I would so love to visit. Now we live by a lovely river… love being close to the water and think I will always live close to it!
    Hugs & love, gaby x

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