Lots of you have mentioned at some point that you get sore hands, fingers or wrists, whilst crocheting… so thanks to some books which I took out of the library in the hope to find some inspiration for my next project here are some tips.

Did you know that the best way to relieve tired hands to get yourself a little squidgy ball to flex your fingers… that  way you’ll find you get less aches and pains in fingers and wrists… especially if like the Wooleater  pattern you have a series of treble crochet to contend with.

Also, if your hands are dry ensure you use a good hand cream, prevents you snagging your yarn or use  pure wool and enjoy all the benefits of the natural lanolin.

Take a break, often, for drinks etc… A hydrated brain is more efficient… and breathe out after each of rounds… it’s like a closure.

Add in a small project with a different stitch pattern in between any large projects just to change your hand mechanics… and to keep your mind busy…

Listen to music, chill outs or Latin rhythms to keep pace too.

And don’t pressure yourself… work at your own pace.

Some of these tips you can find in a madcap crochet book called Hookorama .. by Rachel Matthews



Remember knitting and crochet should be beneficial to your health…not harmful!  So if you are experiencing painful episodes in your hands and wrists , then you should see your doctor to be properly diagnosed

Both book and internet link are worth having a look at   🙂


And now for the FUN BITS for you guys on Flckr !!!

Have you ever wondered how to find out if your photos were ever featured on Flickr Explore?

These are the best 500 photos of the day randomly picked and placed in a league… I knew nothing of it till JoAnn mentioned it one day and then when a couple of my pics made it there too… one is still in and the other dropped out but…

Just type in this link..

Place your flickr name in the highlighted area and all will be revealed.. try it .. its fun!

Also have a look at the other freebies on here for making photo mosaics and lots more on Big Huge Labs

To recap…….

I want to thank you for your postive feedback on the tutorials.


So pleased you can all understand them! Here is a photo of the full set of chairs finished with buttons on the centre of the grannies to stop the fabric from moving about on the backing… Alex is ideal at “test crashing” any projects for durabilty… it was by him sitting on the chair that gave me the idea.


Thought I’d share a pic with you….



Well, I feel there is enough here to keep you all busy this weekend and out of trouble.. have a good one with lots of fun, happiness and smiles.. sending you all the best of my everything.

Helen xxx



  1. Thanks for that info Helen. I’m convinced it’s beneficial to your health, better than sitting there doing nothing !!! So far, no achey hands or fingers but I’m sure one day that will come …sigh…
    The chair backs look really great, such a good idea!!

    1. Hi Jane.. you might nver get any pains.. I hope you dont my lovely one!

      Thanks .. we’ll have to make some groovy cushions now with this new method.

      Have you made anything with your lidl’s stuff yet?

      1. No, coz the cotton is my favourite so i’m saving it for something special…don’t know what yet though lol I’ve done another cushion though, I’ll try and put photos up on Flickr tomorrow, really pretty.

  2. Hey Helen 😀
    Thank you very much for this 😉 I get achy shoulders sometimes too if I sit in the same position for too long, which can happen in an evening, so making sure one moves about occasionally is also a good idea. ‘Kill’ two birds with one stone – drink plenty to hydrate the old brain cells will mean having to move to visit the old WaterCloset more often 😉 haha.
    Note to self – practise what you preach – hehe 😉
    Hoping you’re having a fabby hookie time
    Mo xx

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