February Recap & Flickr Friend Interview Reminder (*JoAnn*) March 1st!!!

Looking back, its been a good month with lots of fun projects completed and indeed many new things learned from our Flickr Family… SO, to remind you………. *JoAnn* is going to be featured as our next Flickr Friend Focus on March 1st which is St David’s Day here in Wales… so look in then

Basically, this little mosaic concludes February and  confirms how its been a month of transformation as well reflected in many of my projects.

My Spike Bag developed and transformed into many shapes after being inspired by Sanhita for the stitches and the handles/ flowers by Ellen (WildAboutColoour) on flickr  .. My kitchen chairs got thier revamp, along with added buttons, slippers got added sole & heels and combining bunting patterns gave Alex’s room a more Manly Bunting ………..AND FINALLY  winter is turning into Spring.

feB 2012

Its actually been all about learning and expanding from the basics to another level which is vital in this game… So with great thanks to all you people on Flickr, Ravelry and the internet, lets all hope we can leap into spring with a few more jewels of knowledge to dazzle our friends with!

Sending you all my very best till St Davids Day when my Interview will be released.

Take special care .. much love Helen xxxxxxxxx

Pattern Links



Lucy Attic 24 Jolly Bunting

Spike Bag




Round Ripple


Tutorials for the My Vintage Square and Wine cosy can be found on here


7 thoughts on “February Recap & Flickr Friend Interview Reminder (*JoAnn*) March 1st!!!

  1. What a beautiful posting Helen 😀 Just spotted it’s arrival as I was about to close down before heading to nursery 😀 What difference the magic mosaic makes 😉
    I have a couple of ta-dah’s to upload later 😀 but in the meantime I’d best be off
    Love and hugs
    Mo xx

    1. Heheheh, I know that feeling. I’ve been out most of the day ..its been an alex day with his phychiatrists and care planner. Hmmmmmm, just waiting to see what the report says … but we have another afternoon of resbite now!!yay!!!!!!!!! Partyyyyyy time x

      1. Is that three afternoons he’l have out then? With NAS? Oh he’ll enjoy that Helen 😀
        I’m dreading the start of school, but also looking forward to it too 😉 I may have a leetle partaay of my own, hehe 😀

  2. Helen: wow. That is all I can say, Helen. Mosaic looks great, you have REALLY been busy. I miss our emails. I do not know how you find the time/energy for all you do. Keep up the good work (I know you will)

  3. Wonderful posting, Helen! I love what you did with your Spike Strike bag!! And your tutorials are so well done… even I can follow them!! Such a busy Lady!!! xo

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