Bunting Letters and Funky GroovyGhans!!!

Hello My Fellow Crochet Queens,

I hope you’ve all had a touch of good weather over the last week as we have had here in Cardiff. The crocus’s always amaze me as they appear to open up their petals as if to embrace every ray emitted by the big yellow thing in the sky!


But for now.. lets talk about bunting baby

After your responses to the bunting I’ve been making, I promised you the link to the PDF files where you can copy the letters featured in my work. My little hybrid of the two  patterns and tutorials turned out looking like this… Dont you just love it with the stars and flower gems on the ends!


These are just two of four I made with this pattern not to mention the other one I made for Abigail that was made from Attic 24.


I have to stress that all I did was find this site and copy her instructions, so we should show our appreciation to the designers and the wonderful work that they do to make their website a wonderful place to visit… so go here for your letters and a peep at the rest of the site


 And go here for crochet pattern and a look into this site too. (thanks to Mo for the introduction)


So a big applause and thank you to “createhopedesigns” and to “accordingtomatt” ….

 And now to give you the big reveal… my new project and a major project it is too!

Its called the Groovyghan which is one huge blanket made of various components in fab colours and free style… Oh boy am I going to go to town with this pattern regarding colour, style and free expression!!!!!

 This is going to be like a “crochet chop suey”, starting with the faithful granny, followed by flowers, ripples and shells.. and more colour..no I meant a cascade of colour.. a screaming tantrum of colour  without a volume switch, so find your sun glasses because this is going to shine with rainbows!

If you want to sample the pattern  here is the link.. its free, funky and fun.


Again, thanks again for all your lovely comments and support.. let me know how you’re all getting on with your project too… I’m curious to see what you’ve been making with your Lidl’s acquisitions!

We’ll speak soon … sending you all my best xxxxxxx helen xxxxxx


25 thoughts on “Bunting Letters and Funky GroovyGhans!!!

  1. Hi Helen 😉
    Another excellent post here 🙂 Thank you for the thank you above 😉 and for the alphabet link. My own banner is coming along, slowly, but surely, so I will be needing a nice letter set fairly soon 🙂
    Your new project is soooo very funky! I love it! Is it going to be for yourself or a gift Helen? The completed one from the link is incredibly bright isn’t it? I like the reference to Shaggy and Scooby hiding under it, haha 😀
    I added a ‘ps’ to my Spring Mobile, saying that some of it is made with my Lidl’s yarn 😉 Always nice to know what yarn folk have used isn’t it?
    Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone 😀
    Mo x

    1. Hi Mo,

      as you know its been a little hectic here in household Cardiff… lots of appoinments and disappointments!!! 🙂

      hence why I’ve chosen a bright groovy cheerfull things to make to keep my days bright and happy.

      I love that mobile… where did you get the idea from with the bangles??

      Sending you lots of smiles xxxxxxxx

      1. Hi Helen

        I hope today trundles along peacefully for you cariad 🙂

        Don’t forget to post updated pics of your groovyghan progress, so we can all get a colour fix 😉

        The idea for the bangles came because I couldn’t find any craft hoops small enough to use. I saw a mobile on a website, didn’t bookmark it, (dOh!!) then couldn’t find it again so I had a go at just doing it myself. The hardest part was getting the circles to fit. In reality they are a little slack, but it was as close as I could get with my limited ability. I’m sure one of the super designers in the old blogosphere would make a much better job of it 🙂 I actually wanted to put stars into it, but could I do that……..?? Could I chuff!!>>>>>>> haha.

        Wishing you a hooktastic day
        Mo xx

      2. Hahaah Mo… you make me giggle with your little exclamations!!!

        I think t loks beautiful as it is.. and in this instance you’re the star.

        I’d advise you all to have a quick look at it on Flickr.. here is the link.

        Spring mobile

        I love all your pics! x

      3. Thank you Helen, you’re very kind 🙂

        Ooh, I hope everyone pops over, then I can break out the new kettle………..
        oh…… you just meant Flickr didn’t you? Silly me, hehe 🙂
        I’ve just posted my own little colour fix 😉
        Mo xx

    1. Hello there,

      I hope all is well in your world today… tell us what you’re working on at this moment?

      Do you have a Flickr account where we could have a look?

      Sending you a bright and beautiful day of smiles x

  2. That looks fabulous Helen a bit of everything in there, you will really enjoy making that I’m sure. As usual I have a hundred things on the go and another hundred on the to do list, not enough hours in the day 🙂

    1. Hiya Linda… goodness me have you been busy with making little baby clothes.. I love it all.

      I look at your little wonders making lots of “oooo and awwwww.. soooooo cute noises”!!!

      And that little dress with crochet yoke I love… I might copy it!!!

      Have a great day xxxxxxxx hugs from me xxxxx

  3. Hi helen, thanks for the lovely bunting info, will definately do that. The new blanket is going to be Gorgeous!!!! Oh my goodness there is a little bit of everything lovely in there, that will be such a treasure to make and have 🙂

    1. Hiya Jane,

      I’d definately have a go at the bunting .. at least this is something that your little grand daughters would absolutely love.. and that Lidl’s yarn works well with it!

      I got Alex to help me with the cutting out of the letters .. hope all is good and warming up in that wonderful part of the world you call home… best wishes to your Mum too .. lots of hugs xxxxxxxxx

  4. Love that blanket and it sure is groovy.What a great way to learn new things.
    I need to finish my granny squires first and buy some more yarn.
    Did print the pattern . You picked a fun one I like it very much,
    It looks very interesting and hip.
    I already have the bulls eye one in my file too when I saw that one I thought it would be great to use scarps. in future.
    Looking forward to seeing you working on it.
    I already know your new project is going to be cool & fantastic.
    Happy crocheting .

    1. Hi Yoka,

      thanks for your words of encouragment.. I’m working on the flowers at the moment and finding it a little confusing so lots f ripping out and starting again 😦

      I’m pleased that you are liking it though and that your blanket is coming along too.

      Did you have any compensation from Caron about the faulty yarn?? I hope so.

      You make sure you stay fit and well .. all my best Helen x

  5. ¡Oh Hellen! Esta manta es maravillosa. Hace tiempo que la tengo guardada en “favoritos”. Algún día la haré. Por el momento, esperaré a ver la tuya. Será fantástica, seguro 🙂

  6. EEk! Help Helen. How did you get the letters the right size for Matt’s bunting? I’ve printed it off only to find they’re too big 😦

    1. Hiya Mo.. as its a PDF file you can shrink and expand the letters as you wish.. just have a look at the top tool bar for a percentage scale… like you would in a wrd document to make the letters bigger.. does that make sense?? hugs x

      1. Oh riiiight! That dOes make sense 🙂 You are just sO clever 🙂
        What a dope, I thought that just changed the appearance on screen, I didn’t realise it translated to the actual print too, haha.
        Do you reckon 75% will be ok then?
        Thanks Helen 😀
        Mmwah xx

    2. I’d say try 50% and see how it looks on your screen.. if you’ve made the bunting up, then place it on top of the monitor screen and see how it fits.. its depends the type of monitor you have too!

      Cut them out in paper first to see .. good luck

      1. Thanks again Helen 😀 They look fine on paper now 😀
        Did you print directly onto the bondaweb stuff at all? Just thinking how fiddly the cutting out is going to be, hehe 😉

    3. No Mo… cut the paper out and trace around the letters on to the bondaweb.. then iron the it on to the fabric/felt and cut AFTER its benn glued and ironed as its stiffer!!

      Does that make sense???

      1. Ahh, you’re so kind and patient. Bless your heart 😀 Thank you Helen, so much 😀
        Apart from feeling like a numpty, I’m sure this personal tutorial will help others too, haha 😀

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