Get Into The Groove…..

Hello my Beautiful People ….Happy International Women’s Day to you all.

 Its been a very busy couple of weeks. I’ve been running around with the Boys to various clinics with Alex and yet more X rays for Richard to check up on his osteoarthritis. Consequently most of my hooky work has been done in the evenings to help relax me, so many apologies for not responding as quickly to your comments. I am fine and well and thanks for all your concerns.

 What I have realised though is how wonderful it is when realise how much you can learn through hobbies.. And indeed its so with this Groovyghan that I’m making at the moment.

It’s like a montage of all the things I’ve crocheted throughout the last year, all rolled into one… but better!

 It has reminded me to give thanks to all the wonderful people I’ve met on Flickr, through my blog and in others who have taught me so much about colour combinations and mixing medias.

 For example, I look at Alex’s Granny Headboard everyday and notice so so many flaws in it .. but that can not be said of the glorious grannies I’ve made for Groovy.

They’re all uniform and I am delighted to see how I had to look twice to sort the front from the back after I had weaved in my ends!!!

And then here comes the challenge.. the simple round target  squares.. what can be more simple you ask.. but again in Alex’s room is the mandala and each day I have to look at the flaw in the joining stictc… so not wanting the same to become visible in this project, here is the one of the greatest links I found from one of our most familiar designer Sarah London..

Here is her tutorial for a symmetrical and seamless circle…and it works!!!

Have a look at it ….  But not before I leave you with some wonderful pics of my  Funky Groovyghan baby …. The flower granny got the better of me. After frogging it back for the sixth time along with  a good nights sleep did I finally understand the pattern instructions… does that ever happen to you guys???? Grrrrrrrrrrr

Anyways, enjoy the rest of the day and the weekend to come.

Sending you all a very beautiful day with added hugs.

Helen xxxxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Get Into The Groove…..

  1. Thanks for the update Helen 🙂 You have done sooo well with those flower squares and the bullseye ones do look scary to do, haha 🙂
    I too have learnt so much and tried things I never would have or could have, before I started talking to folks around here 😉
    Thank you for the link to Sarah’s seamless join, it’s brilliant isn’t it? I’ve bookmarked it. I’ve seen it before in a book, but I couldn’t ‘get it’ due to bad photo’s and not explained in so much detail. Now I won’t have a problem with it 😉
    I hope you sleep well tonight and have a Fabby frog-free Friday 😉
    Mo xxx

  2. How beautiful Helen and you was able to do so much already.
    It is just lovely and the colors are fab.
    I printed a couple weeks ago how to finish in the round from the same link but she added more pictures how not to do it. It is a splended way to get a nice round.
    Yours look so good and I am real jealous of the gorgeous colors you have.
    So glad to read you are able to relax in the evenings.
    Thanks for always sharing your work and giving tips.
    I might have to do things 10 times if it took you six times to learn how to do it.
    Instructions and me often fight sometimes I have to give up when I have tried it for a few days. The last time that happened I thought it must be a bad pattern.LOL.

    Have a lovely weekend and I hope you have a relaxing one.

    1. Hiya Yoka,
      I hope the sun is shinning bright in the sky for you today.. its grey and wet here 😦

      But all is well in my world of crochet flowers… I love sharing my work with you and I love the feedback I get from you all telling me how much we are all learning from each other… relax and stay happy .. take good care and enjoy the weekend.

      Ps… there are many bad patterns out there!!! lol xxxxxx

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