Only In Wales

Hello Cyber Sisters

 Welcome to my fluff free zone… i.e. I’ve been getting rid of the fluff monsters under the beds and bringing the house into order for the spring, thus allowing us time for visits to Victoria Park to see the flowers. Aren’t they amazing!

But mainly as I’ve been busy during the day with the Boys,  my crocheting is taking place in the evenings… and my continued headaches with the GroovGhan.


I’ve had to make a few adjustments to the pattern, not because it’s badly written, simply because I thought it could be made to look GROOVIER!

Anyways, I’m not going to post any more pics till I’ve got more of the ends weaved in… The pain you have to suffer for so many colour changes.

Plus, there’s another panel to be made up after a little thought and the border!

Besides that, I have had the most wonderful day … whilst looking around our local village, I came across the most bizarre sight I have ever seen in a suburban area…. A man (named Dave) walking a sheep named Nick…yes a man walking a sheep on a lead on a normal street!!!

You can imagine my excitement. I ordered Richard to stop the car and asked Dave if I could take a photo…. And so the conversation started… He walks Nick the sheep everyday as he weighs over 22 stone (140 kg) and needs to lose weight.

Nick is a seven year old North Country Cheviot  and you should see the fleece he wears.. I can still feel the lanolin on my hands after stroking him.

So naturally, after running hands over this magnificent beast’s fleece I asked what Dave does with the fleece…

“Nothing … besides what the kids use for class studies I have a pile of  it in the house. You can have it if you want”…

Shoot me down in flames, I haven’t got a spinning wheel!!!!

Nick the Sheep lives in a house called Shepherd’s Lodge with Dave and his partner… and yes, Nick the sheep is partly house trained and spends most nights in the lounge with his owners.

So today, I’m going to leave you with my photos of Nick Boing and Dave Palmer … the proud sheep owner of Rhiwbina in Cardiff!!!

So if you’re young or old, please go to this site to watch this video and really appreciate this lovely man and his ram!

Sending you much love and sunny smiles from Wales… helen x


18 thoughts on “Only In Wales

  1. Not Tom Jones then? hahaha Told you I’m lousy at guessing 😉
    Well isn’t that amazing? Sheep are quite intelligent animals I think. 22stone! He’s big boy isn’t he? Come-bye! haha 🙂
    What a shame you can’t use the fleece offered Helen! Don’t give his address out in-case you ever do get wheel and can take him up on his generous offer 😉
    Those flowers are really beautiful. A dose of sunshine to brighten the spirits on many a dull day 🙂
    Your GroovyGhan is blinding! Wow-whee – the colours! It is incredible. I can’t wait to see the finished piece 😀
    Nice work my lovey
    Mo xxx

    1. Hiya Mo,

      I wouldn’t want to pull the wool over your eyes and suggest it was Tommy… just Nick Boing the Ram!

      Hahahah, I hope you looked in on the video link..its hilarious and lovely.

      Yes, the GroovyGhan is a little radiant… be sure to find your sunglasses for the official unvieling.

      Lots of hugs to see you through x

  2. I LOVE THIS! When I had my own petsitting business for 14 years, I oftentimes walked a pig by the name of Penelope! I LOVE ANIMALS!

    1. I knew you would Pam!!

      Would you and Penelope have a “pig stop” for a break??? Boon boom!! Hahahah

      I bet you’ve got some fun pet sitting stories to tell!

      Lots of love x

  3. Oh what a nice sight that must have been., I sure would have stopped the car to take a photo and have a talk. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a nice day Helen

    Alette ( letscandy)

    1. Thanks Cat

      I know, this sheep was like a dog.. so cute but massive!

      Hmm, I’ll have to get over to Bute Park when I get a chance..

      Bah Ram You .. to your crochet hook be true!

  4. Lovely post Helen, I love daffs, bought a bunch in Asda today, it’s like bringing a ray of sunshine into your home. The Groovyghan is stunning already but I can imagine all the pain of weaving in the ends, I usually do it as I go because I couldn’t face them all at the end. I just love that sheep, I have a thing about sheep, I think they are lovely animals and I have funny sheep ornaments all over the house lol, great video! 🙂 xx

    1. Hurray for Asda!

      I love daffodils as they suggest spring and new season… and yes the blanket is taking a rest till I get the ends in.

      I love sheep too.. my Aunt in greece had a lamb that would I would let climb into bed with me.. till I went out one day and came back to a spit roast!

      Love all the stuff you’re featuring on Flickr… fleecy hugs x

  5. what gorgeous flowers Helen and what an even more gorgeous blankett, it’s SO lovely!! You have worked so quickly, that will be a real cheer you up blanket 🙂 I love the colours. I couldn’t see the video of Nick the sheep, would,nt play. But what a sweet story…mindyou…:) I don’t think it will be very “fresh” in his house lol xxx

    1. Ohhh Jane, the BBC wont let people outside of the UK look at the footage. look in when you’re here next time.

      The blanky having to take a rest as I’ve loads to complete in the day now with getting some plans into place Alex’s day time needs.

      Long story. sending you a beautiful day x

  6. Whahahaha oh my! A sheep as a pet – who knew! I think it’s very awesome. In fact, better check with my building manager to see if sheep are allowed… 😉

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