The ides Of March

P3170818Hello My Beauties,

I thought I’d share with you the lovely Thank you card from Ella’s and Lucia’s Mum after receiving her bunting. It’s always such a nice surprise these days to get thank you cards, but more so lovely to see how much my bunting efforts were received!

Although, it’s hardly the middle of the month, it does seem to have gone really slow for me… its still cold and gloomy but the promise of spring  still teases me with the odd peek-a- boo display from my tulips.


But come the end of the day, it’s a wonderful sight to watch the skies burn out into night..

This is the site I see in the evenings before I draw the blinds.. gorgeous eh!


And this will equally take your breath away too.  Alex and I tried to brave the elements in attempting to picnic yesterday… but our poor little bottoms could not tolerate sitting on metal benches and we soon found ourselves back indoors with our bottoms against the heater in hope of a fast recovery! It was nice to get out though and eat a cheese sarnie amongst the fungus riddled trees!



Also I thought I’d reveal how Richard and I are campaigning to get some help from the local authorities with the aim of getting Alex into a day time occupational centre. Its been a long struggle to get Alex to settle into a routine where he’s less likely to display challenging behaviour. It appears that the older he gets the more stimulus he needs with defined areas in his day..

Alas I don’t feel that this can be achieved without more help from the professionals. The National Autistic Society have been fantastic but funding from the local council in the aim to help Alex has not been so forthcoming, consequently Richard and I have been attending several appointments with local councillors, MP’s and AM’s to see what we can get to find a better way to help Alex feel more comfortable within his home surroundings… so now you know why I have been a little quiet on the blogging front …

It’s almost a full-time time job handling all the calls and correspondence, not to mention how emotionally draining it can all become.


However, the psychedelic colours from my GroovyGhann continue to thrive and challenge me on a different level. I’ve taught myself so many new things on this little project and I love it. All my pieces are now sewn together and all that needs to be added is the border… so go get your sun glasses and have a look at these fab photos of what has to be called “ summer sun shroud”

I shall not mention how long the ends took to weave in but I did need an extra-large night-cap last night!


And this one 🙂


Here’s wishing you a happy and sun filled beautiful weekend…. helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


11 thoughts on “The ides Of March

  1. Oooh, we’re in psychedelic heaven 😉 haha – beautiful work as usual Helen 😀 Congratulations *huug* Is there any part that you find particularly trying and have any tips on what to avoid or can do better?
    You know that I wish you & Richard nothing but the best of luck in your quest to get Alex the extra support and structure he needs so that ultimately he will enjoy life to his full potential. It is such a shame that you are having to fight so hard for something that should be more easily accessible to those in need.
    I have everything so crossed for you, I’m having to type this with my eyelashes 😉 😉
    With hugs and love to you all.
    Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo,

      thanks very much for all your good wishes..

      Regarding the groovyghan, I’ve learnt to perfect the ripple thanks to Mikey Smiey Video showing where I was going wrong on all my other project.. I always missed that very last stich on the ends of each row… just have a look at this video and you’ll understand what I mean.

      So now I know how to get a nice straight edge on the sides of my ripples.

      I used some new stiches too for the edging so this allows you improvise, which is why I love it.

      With the colour mix I’ve learned all about contrasting to get the wow phychedelic look.

      I’s love to see your bird houses though MO… happy Mothers day to you and everyone.

      H xxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow, that afghan is amazing!!! I can just see myself chilling on it in the 60’s 🙂 Of course, I wasn’t born for another 20 years then, but still 😉
    Goodluck with your son. I’m sure help will come soon! And it does get easier when he gets older, trust me! I’m autistic and I turned out just fine 🙂

  3. Hi Helen, I’m sure with your persistance you will get the help you need for Alex.Be strong and keep fighting 🙂
    Your Groovyghan is amazing!!!! You are SOOOOOOOOOOO quick 😉 xxx

    1. Hi Jane, I hope they like it.. youngsters are s weird these days!! hahahah

      I’ve actually been quite slow on this one Jane.. i had to experiment and rip out a few times.. working on he border now.. how are the baby booties coming along?

      And thank for your supportive words… I need all the motivation I can get x

  4. Hi Helen, I hope that you receive all the help you need for Alex, I take my hat off to you, it can’t be easy, so good luck. Lovely crochet as usual. 🙂

    1. Thank you Fran.. on all accounts we have to do our best for our kids eh!

      Keep Calm and Crochet.. the only thing that keeps me calm these days.

      Sending you all a beautiful start to the week xxxxxxxx

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