Freaky Friday

Hello Peeps,


I have a confession in that since Wednesday I haven’t picked up neither hook nor needle. Alex took a turn for the worst and was admitted into a treatment centre for assessment. I hope that they can perhaps monitor his behaviour and administer the correct balance of drugs to help him get back to base line.

As you can imagine its been a very difficult time for Richard and I. Many questions are still awaiting answers and meetings upon meetings have taken place.

My concentration levels are not as they should be, so the crochet can wait till I get the calling again. In the meantime I guess we can take advantage of this time and rest at home whilst Alex is being looked after.


I’ve taken to washing and cleaning everything to keep me busy as you can see! Mo asked how to treat your crochet in the wash. Generally I treat them as dedicates and dry them off as flat as possible after a quick reshape if needed.

Many of you wanted to have the pattern link to the shawl I’m making but you would have to become a Ravelry member to open it up.. its the Festive Shawl by Lyn Robinson (Emaleena’s Place)

Ravelry is free to join so have a look around.  You find lots of pattern on there and a surprising amount of fellow friends from Flickr. Its free to join but I’m sure i have told you all this before! 🙂

I just might give my hook another shot this afternoon .. thank you all again for your support on the blog. Let me know what you’re all working on with your Lidl yarns. I need lots of things to keep me occupied at the moment so post up your pics and comments as I hope to get a Spring Time report showing off all your wonderful creations.. my email is if you need to drop me a line.


Sending you all a beautiful spring sun drenched weekend and much love


Helen xxxxxxxx


14 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. hey there 🙂 What a beautiful swathe of crochet beauty you have on your line there 🙂 I bet your neighbours are jealous 😉 hehe
    I washed an old crocheted blanket that was my mother-in-laws (found it in a bag in the attic) and it came up just fine on a delicate wash as you previously suggested 😉 It’s just a simple granny square pattern but had obviously been made with a lot of scraps, half rounds of differing colours; and one part about five rows in has actually unravelled for about 4inches. Not sure how I can repair it yet, but it’s on my to-do list to get to at some point. The fibres are all intertwined now as you can imagine from all the years so I don’t even know if it can be undone without snip snipping. But that shall be another day’s job 😉
    Beautiful weather up here too in the NE of Scotland, it has been incredible lately. I have managed to catch up with all my laundry after not having my machine for 11days 8hrs and 22minutes – hahahaha
    Gosh is it that time all ready! Best be off to nursery
    Love to one and all
    Mo xxxxx

    1. I know a lady that can help you on restoring your Afghan.. our JoAnn.. give her a shout on flickr.

      Enjoy the good weather and get outside with the lads for a while if you can.

      Sending you my best of everything

      H xxxxxx

  2. Sorry to hear about Alex Helen, at least he is in the right place and hopefully he will get sorted really soon. That blanket looks beautiful hanging on the line so bright and cheerful. I am a member of ravelry too I think it’s an amazing site it has so much to offer and the patterns are endless. It’s a great place to keep track of your projects too.
    Have a great weekend hope the sun shines for you, I think we are in for a lot of fog, the East coast always gets it. 😦
    Take care xx

    1. Hi Linda,

      I hope you have managed to get a smidgen of sun there.. its been beautiful in Cardiff but somehow I’ve not wanted to go out much.

      I too love ravelry. I think keeping record of yarns used and hook sizes are fantastic shold you be faced with the problem of repairs etc like Mo is above.. more washing to do and a little time to be spent in the sun i think today.. take special care Linda. all my bestest xxx

  3. Hi Helen, I’m still in England so have only a bit of time on the internet. Sorry to hear about Alex but I’m sure he’s in good hands and please God, they will work out another treatment plan more suitable for him. Thinking of you, Big Kiss ,Jane xxx

    1. Hi Jane.. thanks for you comment..hope all is well with you out here in soggy Uk..looking forward to seeing how much work you’ve made on your blanket.. lots of love Helen x

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