Busy Bee bzzz bzz bzzzzz

Hello My Fair Ladies,

I have to say that I’ve been monopolizing on Alex being away and catching up with much-needed sleep. I’ve accepted that Alex is in the best place and glad to report that he seems to be adapting to his new medication.

So top this with beautiful smiles, hugs and lots of dancing from Alex when we’ve visited these last two days, I now find myself in a happier place.

Happiness lead to meeting up with  dear friends over the weekend, sharing food and wine, plus lots of giggles after a few of these!

And lots of hooky work.. shall I show you?

Ta Dahhh!!!!!!!!!!! My Rowan Blanky is finished.. well all the fun bits have been done, just the ends to weave in but  look…. its lovely, bright and such a happy project. 

Although, I’ve shared this moment with you, I’m not going to present it to the unit till the time Alex is discharged. I’ll see if I can get some pics for you on that day but I’ll have to check if there are any privacy policies in place.. we’ll see.

 Don’t you just love that scalloped edge!



The staff at the unit can not be praised enough for the work they put into looking after the patients in their care. I’ve spent many an hour enjoying their company and getting to know Alex’s fellow companions in-depth, especially the girls. So, after admiring long flowing locks of hair, I made each one of them a crocheted hair bobble..






Of course I had to see what they looked like in the hair before I gave them out.. cute eh.



So as you can see, there has been lots going on… ohhhh but there’s more she says!


Ive fallen in love… with the ripple stitch. I wanted to make a ripple blanky but found that I should perhaps restrict my buying at the moment especially with some plans in the line that might need a few pounds to get them off the ground… So, I thought I’d rid myself of all the acrylic yarns  in my draws and make a scrap blanky where I could add random “left over yarns ” to make it up over the next few months… and invest my cotton stash from Lidl’s into making a luxury ripple for my dear friend Lenna..

Here they are on my office chair again

The top sample with the “coffee and cream” mix is the cotton blend blanket and the bottom more colourful sample is the acrylic blankey which of you look carefully you’ll be able to see how I’ve tried to  blend various short threads to give a variegated effect… which do you prefer?


There’s still lots to do without mentioning my shawl in the making too .. but most of all the what I wanted to say.. is thanks for your lovely emails again. They are a ray of sunshine to me as all your comments are!

Have a super time with your hooks and look out next week for my pop corn stitch tutorial which I used to make Abigails Blanky  remember this?

I’m going to show you how to make it!

Sending you all a beautiful week xxxxxxx helen xxxxxxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Busy Bee bzzz bzz bzzzzz

  1. Hi Helen, so glad that Alex is responding to his medication, it sounds like a really nice place he is in it must be reasuring for you knowing he is getting the best possible care. Your blanket is yet another masterpeice my dear, i love how the colours seem to blend nicely one into another, they are going to be thrilled with it when they receive it. The hair decorations are so cute, very thoughtful of you to make them. I love ripple blankie’s too both are good I like the scrappy one a great way to use up odds and ends but the cotton blend is really special. I have used my Lidle yarn will blog about it soon and all will be revealed I am really pleased with what Ive done with it. Right I’m off to bed got work tomorrow take care nitey nite xx

  2. What a happy, joy-filled hookylicious post dearest Helene 🙂 You certainly have been a busy busy bee 😉 That blanket is awesome! How did you come up with the layout Helen? The unit are going to be just delighted when they receive it, so fingers crossed it won’t be waiting around too long.
    I like both of your ripple pieces. The variegated one is colourful, and the cotton one looks softer to me, but I bet they’re both really snuggly 🙂
    Looking forward to your next post and the next lesson 😉
    Love ‘n’ hugs
    Mo xx

    1. Hi Mo, thanks for all your lovely comments… the layout for the blanky just came to me in my head but I should add that I had been looking at lots of afghans online.. so something must have sparked it.

      I’ll keep you up tp date with everything soon x

  3. Thinking of you lots. So glad Alex has been so happy when you’ve visited him and that’s made you happy too 🙂 All your lovely crochet – it’s just beautiful. Maggie xx

  4. Hi Helen you sound so happy.
    The extra sleep you had must have done wonders.
    So happy for you and Richard that the medication is working for Alex.
    It is wonderful that Alex is doing so well and the blanket you made for the unit who takes care of Alex will be thrilled to receive it.
    Love the scalloped edge on it with the gorgeous colors.
    Love the hair flowers also the girls will be thrilled too with such a nice gift.
    Your 2 ripples are gorgeous I love them both but the colorful one on the bottom is awesome how you did that. It truly blends beautiful. How do you know how it blends so well. You truly have many gifts.
    So glad you was had a great time with friends.
    Looking forward to learning more from you.
    Well I am off to the garden pulling weeds and we need to go shopping for more plants.
    Happy crocheting,

    1. Hi Yoka,

      thank you for your letter.. dont know why but it went into my spam folder!! But here I am again saying thanks for all your well wishes to us and indeed sending you much love, health and good times to you and your family. Xxxxx kisses xxxxX

      Happy weeding!

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