Pop Corn Tutorial

Greetings Crochet Queen,

It’s a busy little post today with lots of photos to show you how to make the popcorn stitch hexagon which I used to make Abi’s Blanky.

I so love this pattern, the way the flowers appear to be almost 3D and pop with colour!

So here is how you do it… but please note I use US terms.

 If you find yourself still struggling, I will place a video and other pattern links for you to try!

OK……….. just remember that the pop corn is basically five double crochets in the space and slip stitched together at the back!!!

Round 1

Chain 6 … and slip stitch into the first chain to make a circle

Once your circle is made, chain up four, this is your first double crochet, chain one.. then double crochet, chain one eleven times more out of the circle.. slip stitch to close and you should then end up with something looking like this! .. 12 double crochet, chain one spaces.

Round 2: Attach next color with a slip  stitch in same space,

Begin popcorn in same space, ch 3 and add four more double

crochets.. giving you a total of five double crochets in the space 


Then when you have five double crochet in your space BRING UP THE



Then, insert your hook into the first double crochet loop and pull

through the loop and close .. first popcorn made!

Chain 3 and move on to the next chain 1 space and place FIVE double crochets, loop the last stitch, pull through and create pop corns in all the spaces


Repeat around, join in 3rd ch of beg ch-3, fasten off.

Well done, you’ve made your popcorn flower, but now you’ve got to make this into a nice  little hexagon!

Round 3 .. get your next colour and chain 3, which counts as your first double crochet, then make another two double crochet in the same space…. CHAIN 1 then in the next available chain 3 space

 3 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet to make a corner.. see below


So basically repeat

 *3 dc ‘in next ch-3 sp, ch 1, [3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc] in next ch-3 sp, ch 1, rep from. * around, join in 3rd ch of beg ch-3, fasten off.

The finished hexagon should look something like this! Fingers crossed

Don’t you just love the 3D effect!

You can see a full copy of this pattern here on my flickr pages showing the blanket made


If you prefer to have a crochet for Dummies like follow this one!


OR.. if you learn new things better with a video then go here…

Again, if you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to help… sending you sunny smiles to send away the clouds on this gloomy dreary wet Sunday.. all my love.. Helen xxxxx


15 thoughts on “Pop Corn Tutorial

  1. Superb tutorial Helen! VERY clear indeed. The first time I tried this a while ago, I gave up. Just didn’t understand the drop loop and join at the back bit. But now I do! Thank you. The 3D effect is really good, giving the piece more depth and making it more tactile too. Hope you’re having a lovely day too with lots of smiles. Sending you hugs & love back atcha 🙂
    Mo xxxx

  2. So VERY well done, Helen! Precise, clear and well-photographed! It is an easy stitch but one with so much texture and “punch” it is good to learn! BRAVO!!!!

  3. Oh thankyou soooo much for this Helen, will have to get practicing. Have wanted to do it for ages.Still in England and making 2 cardis for my little grandaughters at the moment. Hope you’re well and hope Alex is doing well xxx

    1. Hellllooooo Jane!

      So glad to hear from you … hope you’re having an easy time of it in UK.. post us a pic of your lovely cardi’s soon.. lots of love from Wales xxxxxxx

    1. Hahahah, Linda.. you’re so like me in the everlasting “to do ” list!

      I’m going to pop into your blog and check out all your beautiful baby creations.. I feel I need to make something cute and small 🙂 xxxx

  4. everyone says it is easy, but you know me, you will have to show me. did you give Rich a big kiss from me? hope you are all well and fine.xxxxxxx

    1. hahah, Lenna mou!

      Of course its easy.. I’ll show when we are together again. I had a great time yesterday with you and Eve! I’m still giggling 🙂

      Richard has has your kisses and so has Alex.. even though he was realy grumpy when we went to see him today.. big hugs to your “levedi man” xxxxxxx

  5. Thanks so much Helen for this tutorial.
    Yours are so easy to understand easy to follow.
    This one I really want to do but have to finish what I started first.
    It looks gorgeous and love the 3D effect.
    Thanks for another smashing tutorial.
    Hugs & love,

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