Tuesday’s Chat

Hello My Little Sun Rays

Its been a busy weekend, mainly spent with my friends and visiting Alex.

And I’ve also had to recover from a rather arduous and emotionally charged three-day Studio3 course. A course especially designed for training carers in how do deal with”challenging behaviours”.. I am in total awe of all the professionals involved in delivering the training and indeed with the people who have chosen to enter into the profession! What an amazing bunch of people… and what an amazing organisation whose ethos is to exercise empathy, respect and care in helping people with ” autism & learning difficulties” overcome their anxieties. Hopefully what I’ve learned will help me deal with Alex better when he comes back home.

But back to hooky madness instead.. I chose to make some friendship bracelets for Alex’s mates at the unit.. just basic cotton, simple and plain .. brown for boys and pink for girls. What do you think?

The other focus I’ve had is in getting some work done on my Lidl’s luxury cotton ripple bed runner for Lenna. It’s a beautiful project and so relaxing to do after a long day of dealing with paperwork, admin, meetings and visits to Alex… that pretty much sums up my typical day now.

I’d say I’m just over half way through the project now. I’m so pleased with my colour combination and beautiful straight edges.. thanks to Mikey Smail’s Video

But… how many of you have worked with stripes and sit for ages trying to arrange a sequence of colours?? Frustrating isn’t it …. SO I thought I’d share with you a little “gizmo” that I discovered here on the internet that will captivate  you for hours… the stripe generator for your multi-coloured projects. All you have to do is tell it which colours you are going to use and it displays every conceivable combination available to you!!! Fanbloomingtastic!! You must have a go.

Here is the link for you guys to play with… http://www.biscuitsandjam.com/stripe_maker.php

And finally I want to wish you a wonderful continuation to the week and thank you again for all your support during this rather difficult time… if you could drive away the rain aswell that would be awesome too!

Helen xxxxxxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Chat

  1. Hi Helen..wow what a busy girl you are at the moment. I’m sure you will have learnt lots of usefull things on your Studio 3 course which will be of great benefit to you and Alex. Hoping he continues to do well.
    The bracelets are a great idea,I’m sure Alex’s friends will love them. I love the ripple bedrunner, still got to try that stitch yet. The gizmo thing for figuring out the stripe combinations is a great idea, thankyou for that, as usual you always come up with helpfull stuff 😉
    Enjoy the rest of your week Helen, I’ll e-mail you when I get back to France xxx

  2. Hello my lovely 🙂 You nEver cease to amaze me 😉 Not only do you seem to have almost boundless energy (tell me your secret pleease!), for making, finishing and writing about mAny beautiful hook related projects and you go on a very intense, mind stretching, physically draining course but you also find us a most wOnderful gizmo to help the colour defective of us end up with better looking items! (it’s genius!) Puff – pant – heavy wheezing – I’m tired just thinking about how hard you work dear lady! 🙂 But I sincerely thank you 🙂 From the bottom of my little hookie lovin’, drum beating heart for all you do 🙂
    Your mate Mo xx

  3. You have been busy as always Helen, hope that you take care of yourself and don’t tire yourself out! that’s you told lol. Those bracelets are lovely and your ripple is beautiful, rippling is quite addictive don’t you think. I have blogged about my Lidle yarn if you would like to see what I made with it, I was so pleased with it, I wish they had more colours in the sock yarn though, it works up beautifully 🙂

    1. I love the cape you’ve made Linda. I’ve got some Lidls sock yarn left in blue which I’m making a shawl with. I found it quite rough but nothing a good soak in softner wont sort out! >> I will take care I promise.. you too and thanks for everything Linda… we all love your work and I keep telling the girls to visit your site x

  4. Helen, eres incansable 🙂 Deseo de todo corazón que Alex esté mejorando. Esta manta ripple es preciosa. Yo ando algo perezosa. Espero que se me pase pronto 🙂
    Las pulseras son monísimas, les encantarán.

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