Rain Rain Go away, come back another day!

Gosh, hasn’t it been wet! Standing in the kitchen just watching big fat drops spattering against the window just makes me want to stay in, keep warm and eat for Wales!

 So, this morning thinking that cereal just wasn’t going to “hit the spot” for breakfast, I opted for a couple of boiled eggs and toast.. good old fashioned comfort food, but I got full after just one egg and had one left over.

That thought took me back to living back in Spain where super markets sell hard boiled eggs with shells painted  bright yellow to differentiate them from the fresh stock!

Not wanting to mix up my raw eggs with my boiled egg from this morning I’ve drawn a little face on it…hehehe


When I realised the rain wasn’t going to ease off, I concentrated on my kitchen, this time a fab cake whose recipe I discovered over the weekend and just felt that I had to share with you.. its amazingly quick, no fat and scrummy.


This loaf is very moist and has a slight crunch to it. It improves after keeping for a couple of days and becomes sticky in texture.

8 oz (225g) wholewheat self-raising flour (or white self-raising flour)
6 oz (175g) demerara sugar
6 fl oz cold tea
8 oz (225g) sultanas
1 large egg
pinch of salt

Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 4 (350°F) (180°C) at least twenty minutes before baking.
Use a very well greased (preferably lined) 2-lb(900g) loaf tin or two 1-lb(450g) loaf tins.

Place the sultanas in a basin and pour cold tea on them, leave to soak for about five hours or preferably, overnight. After soaking, the sultanas will have become large, plump and juicy. Then stir the flour, salt and sugar into the sultana mixture. Beat the egg and stir this in. Spoon into the prepared tin, spread it out evenly and bake the cake for 1 hour. Leave in the tin for 15 minutes before turning out. Cool and serve in slices spread with butter.

Thanks Deliah Smith and to Kitchen Delights Blog


It really is that easy that I’ve  made this cake over and over again. You must try it.

Eventually, I had to resort to going out to see my Alex.. He’s doing so well and was more than happy to see Richard and I this evening. I made sure to let him know how you are all asking after him and sending him all your best wishes and kisses… that made him giggle!

Now its time for a nice cuppa, a little hooky and a glance of TV… have a great week and stay dry xxxxx lots love H xxxxx


16 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go away, come back another day!

  1. I love your little eggy face 🙂 but what a good idea and one I shall pinch 😉
    That loaf is a MUST for me & my ear defended little hoover warrior 🙂 Probably not this week, swimming tomorrow and shopping Friday/Saturday. Perhaps Sunday tho’ 😉
    Had to ‘resort’ to going to see Alex! Pah! Like that was a chore! 😉 haha – what you like 🙂
    Can’t fool us you know 😉 Glad ‘we’ could make him giggle 🙂
    Well I hope you found something good to watch on TV and enjoyed your cuppa.
    Loving hugs
    Mo xx

    1. that cake was just great. but as I am trying to loose weight!!! but then again just one more slice……
      well the rain is good for keeping us home in bed….or watching tv….
      luv you all

    2. Ohh Mo you make me giggle… did you ever use those egg jacket thingys?

      Heheh, you saw through me, Alex is like a ray of sunshine to me on a rainy day and my rainbow when its sunny! Luv U x

  2. I agree with you Helen, I do love the rain but enough is enough we need some sunshine and warmth now. Thank you for that scrummy recipe it looks good will definitely try it out 🙂

  3. A cake made with sultana’s that happen to be my favorite cookie with a nice cup of hot tea. It looks so jummy but I need to loose some at least 5 lbs so will try it for some other time. What kind of sugar is that? I never heard of it before. It sure is a easy recipe.

    Sunny here and pretty hot today.
    Is it not funny you say rain ,rain go away and we always hope for rain here at the beaches. Hope it soon will stop raining for you.
    So glad Alex is doing well Helen and you had time to crochet.

    1. Hi Yoka,

      I’m really pleased to hear you like my recipe.

      You can use any brown sugar Yoka .. here its been a mixed time with the weather.

      I’m afraid to say that Alex hasn’t been well either.. so a very stressed time.

      Sending you all my love till we speak next time

      H xxxxxxxx

      1. Thanks Helen will try it with brown sugar.
        So sorry to hear that Alex is not doing well I know this is so stressful for you and Richard. Hope there soon will be improvement.

        Sending you lots of hugs and love,


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