My Mate Mo Made A Little Birdhouse For My Soul!

My oh my… do I feel humbled by some of you guys out there! The lovely comments and support I’ve received from you over the last few weeks has been phenomenal and I can’t thank you all enough.. Its been a very emotionally charged couple of months with Alex still at the treatment unit and still no progress. I’m even more sad as now Alex has presented as having Epilepsy after two seizures. So you can imagine what we as a family have been going through.

BUT THIS has so lifted my spirits today when I got it in the post this afternoon. Its a  beautiful “handmade with love gift” from our  mate Mo. 


Mo's Bird Cage

So let me dedicate this post to Mo and display her talents to you wonderful people out there so that you can all give her a huge applause. For a start look at the little tag she made….



Isn’t all the detail amazing! Mo’s even pasted a little picture of my sewing circle and my love of fruit salad sweets on it. hahaha

Cute buttons and 3d features complete this fab item.

Such small touches reveal so much thought!


The fine work in the crochet with little beads antennas for the butterfly and little bumble bee buttons.

Such amazingly fine and dainty detail.


I really am lost for words.. so in praise of my “flickr family and cyber sister Mo”.. thank you again.

As in the lyrics from They Might Be Giants

Make a little birdhouse In Your Soul”

“Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

I’m your only friend
I’m not your only friend
But I’m a little glowing friend
But really I’m not actually your friend
But I am”


Much love for a great week ahead.


Helen xxxxxxxxxxxx


15 thoughts on “My Mate Mo Made A Little Birdhouse For My Soul!

  1. How lovely of Mo to send you that lovely gift Helen so very thoughtful. I love her birdhouse it’s so cute and the detail is amazing, I bet you’ll keep that tag forever Helen.
    Well done Mo xxx

  2. I think all you people who make all the beautiful bits and bobs, a lot bigger bits and bobs are all great. me, I only watch and clap.xxxxx

    1. The gift of friendship cannot be bought, manufactured or crocheted, but it is the most valuable gift ever to give and a true blessing to receive. I’m so glad Helen has you close by 😀 xx

    2. Awww Lenna, you need to clap louder I can’t hear you and I’m only up the road from you!!

      Hahah, thank you my lovely equally talented friend..

      hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Dearest Helen 😉 Thank you for this and all your kind words 😀 It was all such a pleasure to do and it gave me such a warm feeling knowing who it was going to would love it too 😉
    You have given so much of yourself to me, and indeed to all peeps around here with your friendship, compassion, help, humour, time and love. You deserve all good things to come your way 😀
    Mo x

    1. Awww Mo… I really am nothing more than what you see of me here.

      Whatever I am, I’m happy to share with you all.

      Thank you again for being there my mate Mo xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh…how sweet, can’t say anything more….Helen and Mo, you’re both little sweethearts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. The little birdhouse is so cute and the detail so fine.
    What a neat gift to receive Helen.
    Mo does beautiful work. Never seen anything like it what a treasure.
    I know this must make you very happy knowing someone is so loving to make that specially for you. Mo has amazing talent.
    So sorry to hear that Alex has Epilepsy also.
    Maybe now that they know it he will get the right medications.
    Don’t give up hope Helen.
    Sending lots of hugs and lover over the pond.


    1. Hello again,

      I’m so flatterd and so in awe of all you talented ladies out there.

      You are such a big comfort to me and all of you make me smile each and every day

      Lots of love

      H xxxxxxxxxx

      1. Now that is the kind of post I like to read and it brings a big smile to my face to read it makes you happy.
        You do have some awsome talented friends Helen.
        I know your friends are all glad that they can be a little comfort to you..

        Have a wonderful weekend,


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