Coffee, friends, cookery and crochet


Its been a madcap week with lots going on as usual but shamefully not much in the hooky department. I seem to be getting bored with all the things I’ve had in the draw and so I find myself with lots of works in progress.. fun though.


Its not something I normally do but because of things that are going on with Alex at the moment, I will be the first to admit that I’ve been more than restless and Moody!!!!! Poor Richard.


So, I’ve made a point and actually went out and bought my gorgeous husband some flowers and chocolate.. he actually appreciated them too.



Besides that,  thought I’d make some treats for all those lovely people who have been right here besides me too. Lenna (Lengirl) came around, so I cooked some welsh cakes, Greek filo pastry chicken &  ham pies, pasties and then complained when we went  shopping to find that clothes were too tight!!! Ermmm I wonder why???




So, I’ve decided that I although all this comfort eating occasionally has to be done there must come a time to get into my jeans again without cutting off the circulation to my brain!!!

So… whilst Alex is away I’ve been looking at having a go at making patterns which involve a little more concentration and counting.  As you can imagine with “little big man” on the scene you have to keep your wits about you at time and it best to stick with motifs with repeat stitches.


Now, as this post is dedicated to the one I love, I said that I would make something for Richard and him only. What did he say he wanted… Parsley The Lion, from The Herbs!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you’ve read it right. How many of you remember The Herbs? hahahahha


So I took myself on to Raverly and got a nice little lion pattern.. made his head brown and his body green as parsley but do you think I can figure out the pattern for the mane!!! No way.. so at the moment Parsley is a Cub till I grow into the pattern.. if I post the link on here would one of you please take the time to have a look and see if you could explain it to me.. PLEEEASEEEEE!!!!!! linked here


In the meantime here is little cute piccy of Parsley the Cub!!


Wishing you all a happy rest of the week … lots of love and hugs to you all.


Helen, Richard, Alex and Parsley!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


14 thoughts on “Coffee, friends, cookery and crochet

  1. Awwww, he so cUTe Helen! 😀 I sure do remember Parsley 🙂
    Gosh that pattern is complicated isn’t it, mega concentration needed there 😉 Sorry I’m no use Helen, but maybe you could fine him a toupe, hehe 😉
    I think it’s so sweet you bought Richard flowers, my Trev would appreciate the chocs but not the flowers, hehe 😀 Your coffee and cooking all looks very yummy 😉
    I’m so glad you have the lovely Lengirl there for you 😀
    With Love and Hugs
    Mo xx

    1. Hahahah, you’ve got me giggling with the comment on the toupe Mo!
      Richard liked both the chocs and flowers bless.. doesn’t Trev work with flowers all day though in the garden?

      I’m lucky to have all of you here Mo.. thanks xxx

      1. Yes he does Helen, and some he says are ‘right pansies’ hahaha (not pc – but ONLY a joke peeps)
        Hope you are well this morning Helen and have a cracker of a day xx

  2. Hi Helen what a adorable lion he makes me laugh. He is a happy boy.
    The pattern looks very difficult and I know if you do not understand it I could never make the mane. Guess if the toupee does not work you could single crochet in different color browns & attach it with loops to the head. That should also look like a mane. How sweet you bought Richard flowers and Tulips from Holland.
    Wish I could buy those here. I have the same glass cups like yours I use them for tea only. I drink coffee from Douwe Egbert’s coffee cup the best coffee in the world. It is sad we can’t get it here but in Cancun ,Mexico at the Hotel I can. We love Columbia coffee too.
    You are one terrific baker everything you bake looks o good. Sorry I never heard of Parsley before only the herb.LOL
    Hope you find a solution and sometimes you have to put it away and look at it the next day early in the morning and sometimes you see / understand it better.
    Wishing you luck. Sending hugs and love to you,


    1. Aww Yoka,, I love getting your messages and yes coffee is the drug of my choice these days.. hahah.

      I love coffee from all over the world but Jamaican Blue Mountain is my fav and I often get a bag of beans for xmas of birthdays.

      Your idea of looping the mane on to the head is the best and the way to go.. thank you my freind .. my bubbala!! Kisses xxxxxxxxxx

  3. It’s ok for you to feel moody Helen it can’t be easy for you, I hope things improve with Alex soon. Your baking looks so yummy and yes we all deserve the occasional, treat trouble is with me it’s nearly every day lol, Parsley is so cute bless him as for the pattern Helen it made my poor brain hurt just to read it (mind it doesn’t take much) It would take some serious concentration and trial and error to figure it out so when I have a free week I will give it a go but hopefully you will have it all sorted by then lol, I think Mo’s idea of toupe is obvious answer. 🙂

    1. Hi Linda, its a lovely pattern apart from the mane but Yoka idea above sounds good to me.. tell me Linda do you knit/crochet the baby clothes for a particular charity?

      Big lion hugs to you xxxxxxxxxx

      1. Hi Linda.. thanks for the link. I’m making a little dress for “anyone” and so I thought I’d like to send it to a charity.. Thanks again.

  4. Aw Parsley the cub is sooo cute. I used to love the Herbs and Parsley was my favourite! I don’t think I’d be much help with the pattern sorry. Your baking looks delicious! Maggie xx

  5. Hi Helen me old dear, can’t help with the pattern but did help with the eating.
    Your cakes and everything you bake is great eating. Richard is so loveable and
    so is Alex, you can’t but love them both; and YOU xxxx

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