In Praise Of Friends



Oh heavens, what a surprise I had this morning when I opened my post!! Yet more crochet and knitted goodies from my Flickr family. I’m so humbled and so so envious of Annie’s perfect stitches too!

And a lovely letter.


Isn’t the little Babushka doll adorable.. she’s now in my bedroom on my mirror along side my lotus mandalas… she is stitch perfect. Beautiful fine work Annie. THANK YOU


Annie also sent me a little blue scented heart which I’ve placed in Alex’s bedroom.. he loves all things scented.

     We love the blue glass beads and the beads on the hanger.. simply adorable.


As of Alex. Well, I can’t say he is getting any better. Each day brings on a new challenge but at least I know he is  in the best treatment centre available with the best psychiatrists who are just as keen as us to see Alex come back home a happier boy. I’ll leave you with a beautiful shot I managed to get yesterday of my two “Boys” sharing a hug.


xxxxxxxxxx Have a beautiful hug filled week xxxxxxxxxxxx




10 thoughts on “In Praise Of Friends

  1. Awww, that photo is SO precious Helen! Such love, flowing between them 😀
    Ann’s stitches are perfect aren’t they?! And the lovely embellishments she uses are so sweet. What a beautiful shade of blue that heart is, like Alex’s eyes 😉 Ann is such a kind, and generous person. Not to mention talented 😀
    That dolphin mirror – I have exActly the same one in my lounge! 😀
    Loving hugs to you all
    Mo xx

    1. OMG, I bought that ions ago in the Range for Alex’s bedroom! It even travelled out to Spain and back with us…. You are so right Mo.. you and Annie are amazingly talented big hearted people.

      Massive rib breaking hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. How blessed you are Helen to have such lovely caring friends. The presents are gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll treasure them as they were made with love. Your “Boys” look great together don’t they, so happy.Hopefully it won’t be long before Alex can come home. Have a lovely weekend. We’re off to the beach today as it’s a bank holiday in France. Big kiss xxx

  3. What a beautiful gifts Helen love it.
    You can tell it is made with so much love.
    The shot of your boys is just super . They look a like and look so happy.

    Guess what ? Heard this morning I need to do a MRI tomorrow and because it was wind still I asked Richard to take me to the beach .
    Changed clothes and he dropped me off.
    I told him I call him when I am ready for him to pick me up.
    It was fantastic like old times.
    It sure does magic to my head.
    Was walking / jogging and because it was also low tide I looked for shark teeth.
    Was so lucky found 4 small ones even with 1 eye and a beautiful fossil from a Sea turtle. Had a great time but nature had other plans in store . Saw the dark clouds coming and before I made it to the Ponte Vedra Inn it started to poor.
    Mentally it did wonders that I went and I sure will do that again real soon .

    Have a wonderful weekend Helen.

    1. Hiya Yoka!!

      How wonderful to hear how much you enjoyed your beach day.. you should do it more often my darling!

      Post up a photo of your fossil finds on Flickr.

      Hope all goes well with your MRI too.. sending you the best of my well wishes.

      Much love H xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Helen hi, you have so many beautiful friends..
    The photo of Richard and Alex together is just…..beautiful.
    Hope to see your Alex (if you will take me) and I hope you
    and yours have a great week-end. and all your beautiful
    (family) friends on here.

    1. Hiya Lenna.

      When the doctor gives us the all clear then we can ALL go to see him together. Alex loves you in his own way.

      Lots of beautiful smiles, love and light to you my little Greeky friend xxxxxxxx

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