Its the little things in life that make me happy

I had a few bits and pieces that I wanted to try with some of my yarn stash that I had hanging around, so I’ve gone for making a few little things to experiment with new techniques. It’s glorious to see my goodies shine so bright in the sun! 


The doily on the left is for my neighbour after he complained about a vase scratching his table.. and of course you’ll all recognise Lucy’s Attic 24 Happy Flower Decoration on the right.. that’s to help brighten up my dingy hallway!




Its quite important to block these types of things I feel as it brings out the best of your work. I do cheat a little though. I soak my items in water, pin out on a cork board and then give them a good spray of starch. It does works well and makes them smell nice too. AND DON’T FORGET to use stainless steel pins.. you’re not going to be happy with yourself if you see rust marks in your work after blocking are you!!!



 And of course lets talk of the fantastic idea that  the lovely Lucy gave us regarding gluing the backs of our flowers to stiffen crochet whilst blocking.. it really does work and I’d recommend it anytime for those little items like garlands, flowers or any embellishments that you might want to add around the home…. your skin wouldn’t tolerate it though so its not for garments !!!

Here is the  link for your full instructions


Now,I’m going to think about what I can make with some new alpaca blended yarn I bought last week in my new local shop… but that’s for another post. Time for lunch and a quick visit to see Alex now.



Wishing lots of sunny, lazy days ahead

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs from Helen xxxxxxxxxxx


8 thoughts on “Its the little things in life that make me happy

  1. Oh these are wonderful, Helen! You do keep those fingers busy!! I think the doily was a wonderful idea for your neighbour, and a lovely piece of work too! The Happy Flour has been on my “to do” list for a while – yours is gorgeous!! … I just am knitting feverishly to finish the crib afghan for a new baby expected this coming month! Thinking of you, dear Welsh Friend…. and you wee family too. xo

    1. Hi JoAnn, I have to admit I am not a big fan of doilys.. not enough colour for me but I like to learn new things.. you must have a go at the flower. I made mine in an hour and left it overnight to harden and then another half hour putting it all together. Hope all is well with your clan.. I’ll be looking out for your new uploads soonxxxx

  2. Oh my, you have been busy! And what beauties! 😀 I love the multi coloured edge of your flower and the leaves you did with it too 😀 And bravo on the doily Helen! Ve-ery nice 🙂 Ooh and lush new yarn! How exciting! 🙂 So very soft!
    How do you wind yours Helen? My Angel Monky yarn took an absolute aaage to wind.
    Hope your visit to Alex found him still on the Doing Well Road with his journey soon to be ending at Home Sweet Home 😉
    With Loving hugs to you all 😉
    ttfn 🙂
    Mo xx

    1. Hiya Mo… honestly these didn’t take more than 3 hours for both the projects together.. really quick. I used the same yarn as the mane of Parsley for a couple of leaves. They look very autumnal dont they. I have a little stool where I place the yarn around to wind.. I’ll post a pic up when I next do it .. Alex was fine a little grumpy and hot but still happy to see us… yes he’ll be home soon I hope.. fingers crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love to all from me xxxxxx

  3. Oh my stars just beautiful Helen what you made and in three hours unbelievable.
    Love your flower with the multi coloured edge and even the multi coloured leaves.
    I printed the pattern out it took me a long time to make all the pictures smaller or they eat up too much inkt. I know there is some new things in the pattern I have not done before.
    Have been busy knitting this weekend and crocheting the granny squirs.
    Watched a few movies on teh TV and snacked too much.
    You still amaze me often how beautiful your work is.

    Hugs and love,


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