Good Grief A Summer Wreath!



It’s too hot to sit around making blankets so most of my efforts have been going into making little things.. and one of those things was this lovely wreath. Most of my inspiration came from Attic 24 but I also used some methods from other sites like Ravelry for the wrapping of the yarn around the hoop and for some of the flowers.There’s even a pansy on there!

I cheated with some paper flowers that I got from a fab new craft shop in the next village up called Trinkets in Ur Trunk. I bought some lovely alpaca yarns in there along with some gorgeous buttons. I love the mixed media in this and the way it made me think about placement and colour. It’s proved to be a success with my neighbours who “oooohed and arrgghed” when I placed it outside to take some shots of it.


Talking of which its been very much an outside weekend.. days in the sunshine are blissful, sun shinning on your shoulders like warm dripping honey… ahh I love it.

Look what I found in the garden though! Yes its a hatched sea gull egg.. there are lots of them nesting around us at the moment.P5250144By all means you can think how wonderful nature is.. until you see the sight of their droppings on your cars!! hmmm.. sweet all the same to find it.

In our house its not officially summer till you’ve had your first BBQ … so we did our first one today and very odd it was too without Alex who would chose to BBQ everyday… and odd not to have him with me dancing around the lounge last night to the Eurovision Song Contest!.


In the meantime  a little photo of Richard fantasising about being the last boy scout with a sausage!


And yes.. my toms, chilli’s and coriander are in the green house ready to grow up and be used for a few more summer meals to come.


Ohhhh and some further news……….. My Alex has been given the go ahead for discharge. All being well he should be back home with is for the 11th of June.


I wonder………………… do you think that could be because I made him  that crocheted healing doll???


I wish you all and your family a happy, healthy and sun filled smiley summer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


12 thoughts on “Good Grief A Summer Wreath!

  1. What a beautiful happy and colourful wreath!! Just like you!!! I think Alex is coming home because of all the love,care and nurturing you and Richard and the staff and everyone who has been sending thoughts and prayers your way …. all have contributed INCLUDING your sweet wee Healing Doll!!! Will you welcome him home with a Barbecue????? 😉

  2. Good morning Helen, your wreath is lovely, I like all the different flowers and textures, you clever thing. I would like to make one too but my thumbs hurt when I try to write or crochet, so frustrating! I need one of your healing dolls I think. Anyway I am only doing a bit at a time and have joined a new CAL for a granny blanket a few squares a week should be within my capabilities. This weather is lovely your plants are looking good, there’s nothing nicer than home grown tomatoes. Good news about Alex coming home, I bet you can’t wait. Have a lovely day 🙂

  3. The wreath is beautifull Helen,I love it,so Summery looking. We too had our first “official Summer” barbeque yesterday,it was lovely. So happy for you that Alex is finally coming home, you and Richard must be over the moon 🙂 I’m sure you’ll all have a lovely barbeque filled Summer together xx

  4. WoWeeeee what a beauty that wreath is 😀 Such a bright and cheery decoration to have in the home. Even in winter it will be summer 🙂
    I agree with all JoAnn said about why Alex is coming home. I bet you and Richard will be as excited as any child at Christmas on that day too 🙂 Bless you all 😉
    With loving hugs
    Mo 😀 xxx

    1. You’re right Mo.. but I have to be careful and not allow my enthusiasm for Alex to be home again blind me against what might need to be in place beofre he does come home… I’d hate him to feel insecure again… I love that wreath too… shame I had to post it out today heheeh

  5. Hi Helen ,

    What wonderful news you have that your Alex is coming home.
    Baruch Hashem. You must both be thrilled. The prayers have been answered.
    Love your beautiful wreath what a happy one.
    We had a indoor weekend and it was a holiday but all was canceld.
    We had tropical storm Beryl here and it did lots of damage.
    Moshe & Levi our 2 West Highland White Terriers did not want to get out in the rain it was very bad . We had winds of 70 miles per hour it was nearly a hurricane 5 miles per hour short.The boys did go with yellow rain slickers on.
    It is very humid here now but the sun is shining and in the low ninety degrees.
    So glad you was able to enjoy lots of time outdoors.
    The sea gul legg is beautiful in color. Have never seen a egg of a sea gul lbefore. We have lots of them here.Am glad they are nesting on the beach.

    Sending lots of hugs and love over the pond to you,


    1. Hiya Yoka… I’m so happy to hear that you’ve made it through the storm. I’ve been wondering about you.. I’m with your westies when it comes to staying in out of the rain!! hehhah.. lots of love and beautiful days ahead to you .. H xxxxxxxxxxx

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