Everything is coming up Roses!




Gosh hasn’t time flown! Its been a busy time I suspect for most of you too, either with kids being off school or just the long bank holiday weekend.


I’ve been busy again with tending to Alex, organising some “care at home strategies”which can be put into place for his return. But, there is also another issue on the horizon which until the full “go ed date” happens I’ll keep up my sleeve for you guys to keep looking out for!


Above are the gifts which I’ll be giving to the other patients on the day that Alex gets discharged. I was told that the blanket couldn’t be donated as it was against health and safety regulations but there was nothing in place to say that I couldn’t give gifts to individuals … so the blanket is going to get auctioned off for the national Autistic Society instead.


I rattled  my brains for a while and eventually took into account how some of the patients were moving to “supported housing”. The roses would make nice gifts for the girls and the bobble ornaments for the lads. Its sooooo hard hard making gifts for guys… besides having to take into account learning difficulties but I think it might be a winner.


You’ll be pleased to know that we had a lovely time over the holidays, Alex is getting better by the day and with each visit he appears to be back to his old self.



If you’d like to make one of these yourself then please follow the link .. they are ever so easy!



The pattern for the roses was given to me by Mo, who made broaches with them for her drumming group (sounds very exotic eh)


As for the bobbles, tassels and bit&bobs that I added to them can be found on

Attic 24 web site http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/happy-flower-decoration


Sending you a wonder rest of the week … Helen xxxxxxxxx


13 thoughts on “Everything is coming up Roses!

  1. What wonderful gifts Helen for the girls and the boys.
    I agree it is much harder to come up with a gift for a guy than a girl.
    Love your roses and will give those a try . Am a lover of hexagons too so I will have to try that too.Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hope Alex be home soon and that he is in good spirits.

    Now that the download works again on Flickr will take a shot of my the scarfs I made.
    Lots of hugs and love to you,


    1. Hiya Yoka,

      I hope this finds you well my dear.. its thanks to you and everybody else being so positive around us that I feel has made Alex’s recovery quicker.

      I just love all your scarfs!

      Sending love and blessings xx

  2. Awesome Helen, nice work missus 😀 I love the danglies you added to the roses and the rainbow edge to a couple of them. The guys baubles are just perfect with the wooden beads too 🙂 So very difficult to think of stuff for the men folk, it’s hard enough sometimes when you live with one, haha 😉
    I hope you raise OOdles for the NAS with your blanket. A great ‘prize’ for whomever gets it anyway. 😀

    Hope Yoka adds a link for us here so we can find her pictures 😉

    Mo xx

  3. Pleased to hear that Alex is getting better Helen. Pity you couldn’t donate the blanket but you have come up with a great idea anyway, elf and save me gone mad as usual. Love the dangley things you made, you always make such lovely gifts, I’m sure they will all be appreciated. 🙂

  4. These gifts are perfect! Trust you to come up with something for the fellows that actually looks like it is meant to be so!!! They are lovely! I am so happy to hear about Alex’s progress, and that the end may be in site!!!!!!
    Donating the blanket will also be “doing the right thing” with it! Bravo.
    Good luck, my dear Welsh Lassie!!

  5. Lovely gifts Helen, I’m sure everyone will love them. Shame you couldn’t donate the blanket but I’m sure you’ll make money from it at the auction.So glad to hear that your Alex is getting better day by day. Won’t be long now and you’ll have him back home again. Happy crocheting, I need to get some done today lol…now that hubby has “retired” I’ve got less time lol 😦 Have to send him back to work lol

  6. Dear Helen,
    as I told you on flickr before, I absolutely adore your flowers. I’m sure they will be very much appreciated, because you put your time and heart into it. Showing affection is a highly needed quality I think.
    I’m quite a newbie to blogging and discovering blogs. I’ve already seen lots of interesting things in your blog while clicking through it. With more time I’ll read more carefully. If you like take a look into my little world, too. You are very welcome!

    Best wishes to you and your family,

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