Another One at the back of the net!!!


Hello to you all,

I’ve got my positive head on today as there’s been a little set back with Alex over the weekend. He had another seizure which means that his discharge date has had to be suspended till they discover more about managing the epilepsy… I am a little sad but as usual I’ve had to keep busy to stop me from dwelling on things too much.

Instead I cooked a gourmet meal for Richard and I with a good strong bottle of the red stuff to go with it.

Good old-fashioned lamb shanks with shallots, garlic, rosemary, peppercorns and red wine slow cooked. It was lovely I have to say and so simple. We ate it with some crusty bread and a roast pepper salad.

However, after a long natter with my mate Mo, we both agreed that we were best off looking at all the WIP’s we had hidden in the draws, often forgotten by the grace of a new yarn that we just HAVE TO use before we get around to finishing all those pesky WIPS.  Mo and I had a good old sort out and found a million reasons for going back to the craft shop but not for yarn. Instead I’ve stocked up on buttons and trinkets.

So, here is the first of four WIPS that I’ve had on the go over the last couple of months 


Lenna’s Bedrunner.



It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait for her to see it. It took an age to weave in all the loose ends but so worth it.

It’s made from pure cotton, its heavy and luxurious.

And it looks great on my bed but I have pledged it to her as a gift.

So that means I’ve just a shawl, a giraffe, a wreath to get done before the end of the summer!


But now for something completely different from me!!


 Lets talk about colours which sing!

A couple of weeks ago Richard and I were looking out for a “hobby car” which Richard could tinker with, make pretty and drive for Alex’s amusement when he comes out of hospital. We eventually settled on a 17 year old BMW 328i Auto Convertible on sale in Exeter.

So a  drive across the Severn Bridge was in order.  As a child and now I get so excited by the bridge as it often brings back memories of Bristol Zoo and trips to the Roman Baths in Bath.

 It’s almost serreal to be on one bridge and see the Old Severn Bridge in the distance.


 Teignmouth is a beautiful place so a jolly afternoon was had there, looking at the car and the pier.


However the most impressive part of my day were the paintings created by the seller of the car. A lovely gentleman named Bryan Newman.

It was only during a friendly old chin wag that Bryan revealed that he was a retired school teacher who now had the time to indulge himself in the things that gave him the most pleasure.

Besides sharing his obvious passion for BMW’s with Richard, he mentioned his painting and invited me in to have a look . My jaw dropped when I walked into his house and saw the sight of his painting studio and walls adorned with brilliant vivid canvases.

I tingled all over as I looked upon then.  I could almost feel  and taste the scenes portrayed in his art.

Each one appealed to each of my senses in some way.

I stood looking at them as they sang to me…. the sound of sea gulls …. the waft of seaweed mixed with mould stop paint … and my ears popped imagining the sounds of the bustle so popularly found in seaside towns. I actually experienced synesthesia so amazing were the colour combinations.


If you’d like to see more then please attend an exhibition of Bryan’s work at the Art Forum Teignmouth on July 13th



Or take a walk along the pier with a loved one hand in hand  with an ice cream!  It’s a lovely place to visit and so delightfully British!





Sending you all my very best wishes for a  happy  week ahead.


Helen x


6 thoughts on “Another One at the back of the net!!!

  1. So sorry to hear about Alex’s setback but hopefully it will be sorted out very soon 🙂 The meal you cooked is our favourite meal..Lamb shanks…oh heaven !!!!! The paintings are brilliant, I love his style helen, very original.
    Oh…silly me, nearly forgot…Gorgeous blanket 😉 xxxx

    1. I actually got this recipe for the lanb shanks fron an old Parisian friend that I met in spain… the best part is sucking the marrow out of the bone!!!!

      Glad you liked the painting. he was lovely chap to meet too. xxxxx hugs and kisses xxxxx

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