Our Door Wreath

If you remember a few weeks ago I made a wreath for a good friend of mine. I used various flower patterns I had found on Ravelry and even some that I had made up of my own.

The polystyrene hoop was found at Hobbycraft as were some of the buttons in their value range.

But now I’ve made another one.

 And it’s  going to get hung on the outside of my door during the summer.

ImageShould  you need any information or have any questions on how to make it let me know..

I absolutely LOVE it.. hope you guys do too!

 Sending You Hugs xxxxxxxxxx


19 thoughts on “Our Door Wreath

  1. It’s beautiful Helen those flowers are spectacular, I’m liking it even more than the last one. I bet it’s a huge talking point whenever anyone comes to your home. I have a white trellis just outside my front door, I have tried to grow things up it without success, so I was thinking about putting crochet flowers and butterfly’s on it, do you think it would work or look totally daft. I live in quite a rough area so I’m not sure what the neighbours would make of it ha ha. I’m sorry to hear about Alex’s setback Helen I hope things are resolved soon, hugs xx

    1. Hey Linda… I’d think it would look great.. try it and see with scrap yarn flowers tied in with twine… or why not coloured twine flowers so that they can be totally rain and weather proof!!.. go on .. do it! xxxx

  2. Love it Helen it is so colourful and cheerful.Love the different flowers you used.
    Hope no one takes it off your door.
    I put out a beautiful plant on my doorstep and someone took it. Am so mad it was a expensive one too. From now on when Levi barks I be checking it out.
    Thanks so much for your new post I love seeing your goreous works.
    Hugs & love,


    1. Awww, thank you Yoka. So far so good as I live in a block of apartments with lots of retired people, so my main door is inside as such!

      I had loads of things stolen from my porch when I was in Spain though… its a horrible things to do.

      My dog wasn’t like Levi, I guess he would be happy to see someone for the company .. he was soft as a brush my dog!! hahhaha

      Sending you loads of love xxx

  3. Oh, Helen, what a wonderful wreath! Maybe the bees will be disappointed when they try to suck the nectar and then recognize it’s yarn… Hehe…
    Natalie x

  4. This is so beautiful, bright and welcoming, Helen!! It is totally “you”!! Hope things with Alex are improving and he will soon be home with you. xo

    1. Hi JoAnn,

      heaven is place called home at the moment.. I´m so thrilled to have my hairy little boy back home with us!!

      Lots of welsh wet hugs to you and the clan xxx

  5. Great looking wreath Helen. Your colors are brilliant. I will be following your blog now as well as checking Ravelry to see what you’re working on. It’s so blazing hot in Cary I needed a refreshing moment. Thank you for sharring your creations.

    Southernraised (on Ravelry)
    Lynn in Cary, NC USA

    1. Hi Lynn,

      looking forward to see you around here more often.. wish I could say the same about the weather here.. dismal and grey!

      I love your jewelry items on your site.. mind if I add you to my blog roll??

      Sending you the best of everything

      helen x

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