Meet Jaffah.. the Giraffe

PicMonkey Collage

I can’t tell you how I made him as all his body parts are made from various patterns!!!!

He’s my gift to Richard for Fathers Day.

Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend.

Helen xxxxxxxxx


16 thoughts on “Meet Jaffah.. the Giraffe

  1. On ym stars Jaffah is so adorable cute.
    Love it and you did such a wonderful job making him. Richard must be pleased.
    Love ,Yoka

    1. Hi Yoka, it was Richard that motivated me to make him and find all the right patterns to put him together… its only right it should go to Richard after having to excuse me of all the swearing when I got it wrong!!! heheh

      1. You swearing?
        I don’t believe it.

        Good for Richard that he asked you do make it. Glad it turned out so well it is very,very cute.
        Luv ya,Yoka

  2. Hey there Jaffah! 😀 Looking good; so chilled and relaxed listening to the stereo 🙂 Don’t get too close to that speaker though 😉
    He is just too cute Helen! Bravo! 😀 😀 ❤ xx

    1. Ahah, Mo.. thank you for your lovely comments.. have you noticed how he’s sat right next to Richards wallet too??? Good distractor eh!
      Lots of love for a good start to the week. x

    1. Hi Jane, hope you all had a superb fathers day out there together.. Richard was quite taken aback when I gave him it.. he’s got him sat by his desk. .. big hugs xxxxx

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