Not packing up.. just moving house!!!


It’s An Invasion

This post was created by My Mate Mo…. I thought I’d use it as a stop gap whilst setting up my new house into a home now that Alex is out of treatment again. Obviously, we all need to learn to deal with his new needs and adapt our lives again into living together with Alex and the challenges his Autism and recently diagnosis of epilepsy brings to us… so now over to Mo and her introduction to blogland….

You’ll be hearing from me as soon as with lots of photos of my new home too… Helen xx


Thoughts of crafting on my mind

What to make, sometimes hard to find

Imagination running riot

Never do my thoughts be quiet

Keeping scraps, all kinds of matter

Linking up and making friends

Ever striving to be better

Hi everyone, sorry to disappoint if you were expecting to hear from Helen today, but she has very kindly allowed me to invade and say hello. So…..”Hello”

Those of you that know me know that I don’t (yet) have my own Blog and those of you that don’t know me, well……it’s nice to meet you


Around the vast world of t’internet I am known as TwinkleToes2day and variations thereof. I like to keep a degree of anonymity, being well aware that once it’s ‘out there’ it stays ‘out there’. But in some areas of the wonderful arena of ‘Blogland’ I have become ‘Mo’, made a few special friends, for whom I am most grateful, and I am having somuch fun with.

I am very lucky to be married to a man who enables me, indulges me and feeds my habits. We’re talking all things crafty of course, haha. I have been married to Trevor for 23years, we have three grown up children and we are raising our, almost 5year old, grandson (wee man) who has an ASD. The exact diagnosis is still being determined (because he’s so young), but he is high functioning, smart as a whip and our absolute pride and joy.

I learnt to knit & crochet at the knee of my grandma when I was about five. I did both, but mostly knitting, all my life. Over the years I also dabbled in tapestry, cross stitch and embroidery. Then in January 2011 I began to crochet in earnest. (That’s a little town I’m sure most of you have heard of). The first thing I made was a blanket for Wee Man to assist in the changeover from cot to bed.


I have since made many other items which you can view here on my Flickr page if you wish

I ‘met’ almost everyone I visit in Blogland via Flickr so I do hail Flickr almost as a ‘matchmaker’. I ‘visit’ far more people in Flickr than in Blogland but the people in Blogland that I love to visit and who have influenced what I do are very special to me. The first friend I made was our very own dear Helen here. Her friendship is invaluable to me and I appreciate all that she is.


And, as for many, Helen’s beautiful crochet is inspirational, colourful, and numerous. Boy can she work fast! Lady with the Lightening Fingers is a very apt nickname.

Another lady whose crochet I greatly admire is Stormyride (aka Ann). Ann is one of my friends who also doesn’t have a blog. Please have a look at her beautiful crochet and her newly aired and amazing Zentangling talent here:’m sure she’ll be delighted you stopped by to say hello.

Now a new ‘passion’ for me is card work. That is, making tags & recently ATC’s. The guilty party for getting me hooked on these is the one and only Doodly Mama herself, Lynn Holland. Why ‘Doodly Mama’? Well Lynn created the character-filled Doodly Birds who, I have to say, I am besotted with. To find out why, nip over to her Blog here: too, will be delighted to have you visit.

Now when I’m not crafting, surfing, parenting, cooking, cleaning etc (you know how it is) then I drum. African drumming is a great stress reliever. I usually play a djembe drum similar to this, which I played in our first gig last month. I have been dropping (heavy) hints to Santa Trevor about what I would like for Christmas this year (well a girl can only have so many bracelets – which I can’t wear when drumming anyway)


Recently I have been learning to play a large Surdo drum like this, in order to play in a local carnival this coming Saturday


I really enjoy the playing and learning and camaraderie it brings. Similar to being around Blogland really don’t you think?

Thank you for reading (if you haven’t fallen asleep by now) and for any comments any of you would like to make will be greatly appreciated. Another BIG thank you with loving hugs goes to Helen for allowing me in here for a short spell.


20 thoughts on “Not packing up.. just moving house!!!

  1. How nice of you to sub for dear Helen in her time of transition (for which we certainly wish her the BEST of luck!! ). Your “blogging” was very, very interesting and I feel I know you much better now! I too am a Nana of three, their Mom a divorced Mom going it completely alone, so we see a lot of them! Aren’t they just the best? I imagine it is a busy life you lead, with raising your Grandson AND being so talented and creative to boot!
    Again, TwinkleToes2day/Mo, thank you!!
    JoAnn in Canada

    1. Thank you SO much JoAnn for your very kind comments 😀 I have seen some of the pictures that you share of your grandchildren and they are adOrable 😉 I must try & visit more often 🙂
      I was very nervous when Helen first invited me to do this, but I do admit I rather enjoyed it in the end 🙂 My main problem was stopping myself rabbiting on and on and on….like now – hehe 🙂
      Thanks again JoAnn x

  2. Hi Helen! 😀 Oh my, you did it then?! Put me ‘out there’, hehe 🙂 Thank you for not scrapping what I wrote, I feel very honoured to be ‘in type’ 🙂 *hug* And look! ^ I have my very first ‘blog’ comment! From your very kind and generous friend JoAnn 😀
    I’m going to spread the word now and get a few more folks over for a nosey 😀
    Mo xhugx

    1. Hahah, I threw you into the deep end wthout warning Mo!!! I hope you appreciate all that the girls are saying about your post Mo.. you’re born to blog!!!

      Big squidgy hugs to you and everyone out there.. I’ve missed you all like crazy but its so nice to have my “little big man” back keeping me on my toes!

      HUGE HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      1. It’s sooo good to have you around again Helen 😀
        Missed you He-e-eaps! *hug* but Alex is of course your priority and it must be awesome to have him home again 😀 I hope his medication keeps his epilepsy in check. See ya later aligator 😉
        Mo xx

  3. Hi Mo, you really do need to get your own blog, you are a natural at it! I have found some wonderful blog friends (and now Flickr too) since I started back in March this year. Blogland it is a place of wonderment, friendship, inspiration and just plain fun. Go on…….just do it! Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Ahh, thanks Anne, that is so kind of you to say so 🙂 *hug*
      Blogland Is a wonderful place, you’re right 😉 I’m so glad you decided to have Flickr now more people can see your beautiful art, hope to ‘see’ you around there soon 🙂

  4. Dear dear Mo, I am sat here having a little cry, I am so touched by everything you have written, you are born to blog. You are funny, sensitive, caring and interesting. You my friend have all the right elements. Please do it. But don’t forget to keep nattering to me as well. I love our almost daily chats.
    Thank you Helen for letting her shine like the Twinkle she is and my warmest wishes go to you all while you get settled into this phase of your lives.
    Isn’t Blogland wonderful.
    Lynn and the Doodly Birds x x x

    1. Wow… blogland is amazing you’re right… lets hope we can convince Ms twinkle to go for it too.. lots of smiles, hugs and the best of everything to you Lynn.

      H xxxx

  5. Well Hi Mo fancy seeing you blogging here ha ha, what a lovely interesting post, I do like the sound of the African drums would love to have a go but I don;t think there is anything like it where I live. You are a very talented lady and I think you should have your own blog too. 🙂
    Hope the move is going well for you Helen and Alex is settling in at home ok. xx

    1. Hi Linda 😀 Thank you very much for your kind words 😉 The drumming is such good fun, you should try if you ever get chance, it is such a release 🙂
      Do you like my Acrostic poem? I used to do them quite a lot 😉
      Hope you’ve had a good weekend and the new week is better 🙂
      Mo x

  6. Hi Mo!
    Nice to meet you! Thank you for your lovely words – it’s good to get to know each other. I really appreciate that!
    I tried drumming once and would like doing it further, but didn’t have the occasion yet.

    All the best!


    1. Hi Natalie 🙂 Thank you for stopping by (I know you came for Helen really, but I can pretend huh ;))
      Your latest sheep is so very sweet I have to say 😉
      Keep practising the drumming and opportunity will knock for you too 🙂
      Have a good week 😉

  7. Hi Helen,

    thank you so much for letting us know via Mo (and mail) that you are okay. Wonderful, that Alex is at home again.
    I wish you all the best and a stress free adaption to the new circumstances!

    x Natalie

    1. Hello everyone.. all is good here with Alex at home again with us.. hard work and little crochet done but having fun.. more so seeing how much you all appreciate Mo and her little post.. .Mo´s one remarkable lady!!!

      Much love Helen xxxxxxxxx

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