A New Home Is Where The Heart Is

Would you like to have a look inside?? … but please promise you will ignore the odd rogue box that might make an appearance in the shots!!


This is the lovely hand made gift that my mate Mo made for me.. I love it and it sits happily in the welcome porch with the summer wreath.. NOT outside in this dreadful rain!


The entrance Hall.




My fab Kitchen!



Alex’s bedroom still needing a little work after a “messy” morning!

But the Mandala’s there as you can see.



Alex’s Sensory Room which he loves and adores!



Our bedroom which looks out into the garden and the bird feeder.



MY, secret part of the garden with my now larger than ever tomato plants.. thanks from Lenna!

Alex and I chose the cinnamon scented candle.




Oh yes, looked what hopped on to my knitting needles too… A rabbit!

Ravelry pattern here  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/henrys-rabbit


And saving  the best till last…..



PicMonkey Alex Home


Alex feeling right at home, where my heart is.



Sending you a million hugs and kisses to all of you who have been waiting patiently for my return.. did I really say I’m never going to move house again???

Now to find my hooks and get some crocheting done 🙂


All my love… Helen  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


20 thoughts on “A New Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your new, beautiful home! It looks just perfect for the three of you!!! I am so happy to see such a smile on Alex’s face again!! Enjoy your shangri-la!!!

    1. Awww JoAnn, thank you .. its a lovely bungalow where Alex has so much more space.. a private garden and a hose pipe to play with.. for me the kitchen is the best ever! A million hugs to you x

  2. HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Welcome Back!! 😀 😀 Oh Helen your new home is faB!! 😀 It looks like your all ‘at home’ there and the boys look soo very happy in their hobby car 😀 and just check out that smile on Alex’s face! Priceless 🙂
    Tomato plants are looking awesome 😉 are they fruiting well? 🙂
    LOVe the bunyip, particularly his Bugs Bunny-esque ears 😉
    Get hookin’ my friend 🙂
    ttfn 😉
    Mo xx

    1. Hehehee, Hiya Mo,

      the bungalow is excellent.. lots of space to run away from Alex on a bad day and each door has a lock.. there’s a garage to hide things in (now full of boxes) and a lovely garden.. The tom plants are flowering but no fruit yet. No sun I blame it on.. the bunny was fun to make but I’m better at crochet! .. bigs hugs to the clan x

  3. Welcome back! 🙂 The new pad looks amazing, and I have to say I’m a little jealous of Alex’s sensory room *and* his bedroom! 😉
    Also love the light in your bedroom. It looks like such a serene place 🙂

    1. Hi Wink,

      its good to be back and have a little more time with myself and you guys out there.. Alex has a whole part of the house just for him now.. he has hos music, lights, computer and all his activities in his room… but comes out to eat with us!!! hehehehh

      Ahhh yes.. my bedroom is my “haven where my heart chases my dreams without frontiers”.. many smiles to you Wink x

  4. Hi Helen!
    What a relief to have a house again, with internet, isn’t it? I think everything looks very good. What for is Alex’ sensory room? Is it a special therapy or just for the things he likes to do? Will you soon show us the garden?


    1. Hello Natalie.. yes I found it very odd without internet for so long!

      Alex is autistic which means he has special sensory needs.. like music, lights and certain activities which calm him.. this room is especially for him where he can play and use any of the objects in there freely ….. somewhere where he can go to when he feels anxious or indeed of stimulus.

      yes. as i get the work done on my garden I shall show you in photos what I have made… sending you many hugs xxxxxxxx and thanks Natalie xxxxx

      1. Wow, how good for him!
        I knew Alex is autistic because you wrote it before. But I don’t know anything about the special needs of an autistic guy. So it’s very interesting to hear from you about that! I guess it took a while until you as parents and Alex had found out how to get along with stressful situations. But now he has his own nest with everything he needs, doesn’t he?
        Btw, sorry for my English, I’m afraid it’s quite rudimental…
        xxx Natalie

  5. Hi Helen, Mo’s friend Lynn here, just wanted to wish you every happiness in your new home. It looks like a bright sunny place to be. I hope you all enjoy it.
    Lynn x x x

  6. Welcome back Helen and Good luck in your new home I hope that you will all be very happy living there it does look like a bright and cheery place. I can’t believe how lovely you have it already. It looks like you have a great view from your kitchen window!
    It’s nice to see Alex back with you with such a huge smile on his face.
    Love the cute little rabbit too.:)

  7. Congratulations on your new home and I agree that kitchen is super nice.
    Love the pictures of Alex seeing him so happy.
    You new home looks so nice and my hope is that all three of you be very happy.
    Cute bunny Helen. How you had time to make it is a mistery to me.
    Moving is so hard.
    Glad it is all over for you.

    Hugs & love,


    1. Hi Yoka, thank you for your lovely comments.. I had lots of help from Richard’s parents and this house had so little needing to be done it was quite an easy move… there are still a thousand boxes in the garage … but slowly eh!

      The rabbit kept me busy when I needed time to think about what needed to be done next … sending you my bestest wishes x

  8. Hi Helen, lovely to see you back and sounding so cheerfull and excited in your new home. How lovely that Alex now has his own special room, I’m sure that will help him lots. I wish all three of you nothing but love and happiness there and many many happy hours of …….crocheting lol. Big kiss xxx

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