Cosy Wet Days & Nights!

I think the last time anyone saw this type of weather it was Noah himself! Instead of  getting the motivation to keep unpacking and getting my new home into order, I’ve been sitting indoors watching DVD’s with Alex huddled together on what was supposed to be our picnic blanket.. with the central heating on at times too. Ironic!!!



However, we did have a little adventure the other night. The storms must have effected the power lines and we had a couple of hours without power.. so imagine the scene of  me running around like fool looking  inside a thousand boxes packed ceiling high inside a dark garage looking for candles, torches and lighters.

Occasionally it’s not such a bad thing that Alex doesn’t speak as I’d fear as to what vulgarities would escape from his lips after hearing me during these type of  incidents!

When I did finally did extract the torch from the bowels of the car boot I took Alex out to have some fun stroking the solar-powered fibre optic lights in the garden. Alex loves the feeling of them and I love the fact that my garden looks like an 80’s disco dance floor.



And the kitchen looked so romantic…  the candles gave it  a gold-plated effect.


And check out this spooky photo of a three-headed Alex just before he decided to blow out all the candles out in the lounge..


So although many of you have written to ask if I’m Ok regarding the floods here in Wales, the answer is yes. Where we live now quite high up  in the north of the city…

Regardless of the power cuts, the rain and the cold, its been a lovely week with Alex. Apart from the odd upset, which I could perhaps blame insecurity and confusion for,  he’s been a joy to have home again.

It’s a funny thing to say but he appears to have grown up during the time he was in treatment and we are now beginning to see the humorous quirky Alex we knew before his melt down.

Wishing you all a dry and happy sun filled week… much love … Helen xxxxxxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Cosy Wet Days & Nights!

  1. It’s lovely to see you enjoying yourselves with Alex. All these instances make life interesting don’t they Helen. Although I know we could live without some of them haha.
    Love Lynn x x x

  2. Oh Helen,
    reading your first sentence I had to laugh out loud. Such an accurate description!
    Poor one, I hope everything is fine again with the power cuts.
    I send you WARM wishes and a SUNNY smile!

    xxx Natalie

  3. Oh my, I can just imagine you rummaging through this that and t’other trying to find things, lol 😉 At least you knew you had them Helen! 😉 we’d be well stuck, walking around using our mobile phone screens for light lol 😀 I don’t have any candles. Perhaps we should invest in a ‘just-in-case’ tin like my folks used to have when we had the miner’s strikes, hehe. Remember that? 🙂
    It all looks very ethereal with your candlelight cariad and your blanket will probably always be used more indoors than for picnics, but who wouldn’t want to anyway – it’s GORjuss 😀
    So glad you’re all high enough out of the wet my lovely one 🙂
    Mo xx

    1. Hiya Mo… thats a good idea to have a “just incase box” I like that and will adopt it for my house … and go buy some candles for yourself.. they add a lovely glow to the room or the garden.. plus the added bonus of creating a magical romantic atompshere! Ohhh lalalala xxxxxxxxx

  4. That blanket is like sunshine to me with those gorgeous colors.
    Love your garden light how funky I have never seen anything like it.
    Glad you found the candles.
    I know what it is like when we have a hurricane here but I can find mine in the dark. We also have several powerful flashlights and a radio to keep u[p with the weather on batteries just in case.
    How nice that Alex sort of has grown up and maybe he appreciate his loving parents more in the new home.
    Love your home it looks nice and roomy.
    We hope all of you will be very happy in the new home making new memmories.

    1. Hi Yoka,

      the lights are solar powered bought from a catalouge …. very useful if you dont have candles!

      We used to have some very strong winds in Spain that used to blow out the power often so I’m often prepared.

      I’m hoping to create happy home here Yoka for Alex and all of us to enjoy. xxxx sending you good health and happiness xxx

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