Bunting Crazy

Here I go again.. or should I say my friends! They’re all loving Alex’s bunting so much that I just could NOT ignore a friends hint as to how lovely it would be to have some for their children.. plus I only need half an excuse anyway!

PicMonkey Collage

So being the kind person that I am and being totally fed up with this weather, I just had to make some. Each one that I make just seems to improve I’ve mixed medias here with bits and pieces of various patterns that I have seen and I’m really liking the result.

Nia’s letters are made up in faux pink leather with sequins (thanks to Mo and beads from some old earrings for embellishments) The end flowers are just foam shapes formed to look like flowers with little leaves.


Zach’s is a very “boyish bunting”. His favourite colour is green and again I used foam shapes formed to look like little “impish” eyes on the ends.. as with all these projects, you just have to let your imagination run a little (especially if your purse strings are tight after a house move)… so these are the results of the stash that was there to be used.


If you would like to have a go at this, then look at my old post …. for the patterns guides and the templates for your letters…   https://helencrochet1.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/bunting-letters-and-funky-groovyghans/

Now to make my mind up as to what to make next out of my stash … decisions!

Anyone have any ideas for me?

Sending you a thousand sunny days to brighten things up with huge hugs and a smile xxxxxxxx helen xxxxxxxx


14 thoughts on “Bunting Crazy

  1. I’m getting in first before anyone else Helen. Could I commission you to do a DOODLY BIRDS bunting please. I think it would brilliant across the front of my stall.
    I use quite vibrant colours limes, oranges, bright blues, reds, bright pink.
    Ooh what do you think, is it a challenge. Can you do it and how much please. I’m getting excited with the idea your bunting are so gorgeous.
    Lynn x x x

  2. So, I hope nobody of your friends’ kids has the name Nikolaus-Alexander or Marialouise-Mirabelle… This would mean quite more work to you, hehe.
    New project? Hm. Let me think. What is in your stash? Can you post a picture?
    I always like to make cushions or blankets out of my left over yarns, but in the end the blanket project needs new yarn to be bought… Maybe a scarf? Or an animal?

    xxx, Natalie

    1. Hiya Natalie,

      I suppose I am lucky that I have short names to work with at the moment.. I’ll see what I can do with my stash, although I was thinking of making a bag after I saw a fantastic post on “buscando comienzos” blog.. its an african flower bag.. gorgeous.. what do you think? x

  3. You are so amazing and so kind to make those Helen.
    I know they will just love them .
    Sorry to hear that the weather is still not any better.
    Hang in there one of these days summer will come to your house too.

    Lots if hugs and love,


  4. LOVely bunting Helen and such pretty names too! 😀 And Doodly Birds bunting would be AWEsome I just know it! 😀
    Weather rubbish up here too cariad 😦 Maybe we’ll have a hot Christmas eh? hehe 😉 xx

  5. great Helen, I don’t know where you have the time for all of them. But it wouldn’t be Helen if you didn’t (you at least know what I’m on about)…
    whatever you make is very good. Hope weather gets better. luv youxxxx

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