Cardiff In The Rain

There’s not much else you can do in this weather to stay entertained and as Alex loves going out I thought long and hard as to what we could do without melting in the rain…. Cardiff Botanical gardens.. why not. I hadn’t been there since I were knee high to a grasshopper. So, with packed lunch in hand we trotted off this afternoon for a taster.. 




Isn’t it wonderful! All indoors.. no rain just mossy damp smells and fountain drops.. most of all peaceful too .


Terrapins which apparently “nip” so we were cautioned not to touch them,  however cute they look and they can carry all sorts of nasty germs including salmonella. No turtle soup for us tonight then! 


Is it a tiger, a lion or an orangutan in the jungle… nope it’s Alex scoffing his lunch and trying to peek into my bag for more mini Jaffa cakes.


All in all, the plants in there were amazing, scented ones, bright vibrant coloured ones and horn shaped ones which I think are the type that might eat insects .

We had a lovely time, climbing bridges and hopping from one bench to another to eat our lunch whilst watching huge Coy Carp waggling their way across the pond, although we thought it best to buy fish pellets for them and not give them our chicken sandwiches!


Oooops and trust me to stumble across this naked creature amongst the plants too.





Photo2556    Photo2557

There’s also a waterfall ……..Photo2535

I’d certainly say it was well worth the visit and for those of you on a budget, entrance at £1.40 is superb. Other advantages are that it;s placed well away from the bustle of the lake and far far away from the ice cream kiosk and cafes which can be a nightmare if you’re with demanding youngsters.


The glass house really is a hidden gem which appears to be forgotten by many of us here in Cardiff. I suspect mainly because the main attraction to the park are the swans and ducks. So if you’re local pop in. The staff are lovely, helpful and only too willing to show you around.





Now to pop for a quick look around Hobbycraft for my next project!


Have a great rest of the week my good friends.


Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


13 thoughts on “Cardiff In The Rain

  1. What a wonderful place to visit Helen, your pictures show it off beautifully. We are going to the Eden project in September with Mum and my sister I think I’d like to take a picnic too, you made it all sound so nice.
    Love Lynn x x x

    1. It looks lovely Helen, lush and green and so peaceful, I would definitely enjoy a look around there. It looks like Alex is having a good time, hope the weather cheers up for you soon, they say we may see the sun on Saturday, fingers crossed. 🙂

    2. I have been to the Eden project Lynn, you will love it, while you are there try to see the lost gardens of Heligan they are beautiful too

      1. Ohhhh, I was in Devon last year with the boys but the gardens didn’t appeal to them so we didn’t go in the end. I might get to see them with some friends again later in the year. They are amazing and I’m so envious of you going Lynn!

  2. Beautiful shots Helen and what a peaseful garden.
    I think everyone would enjoy seeing that.
    It sounds it was a succes even in the rain.
    Heard that in the Netherlands they will have sunny days this weekend .
    Hope it will be that way at your house too. It is high time.

    PS : Helen can you tell me how many granny squires I must make to make that blanket? So far I made over 76 already.
    It is so addictive.
    Hope I be able to put them all together. Have never done that before.
    Love Yoka xoxoxoxoox

    1. Hi Yoka.

      yes the gardens were lovely and still here we are waiting for the sun to grace us too.

      I made over 140 squares for the blanket I made for my niece but it really should depend on how big you want it to be.

      have a great weekend Yoka xxx

      1. Thanks so much Helen for letting me know about how many. I think yours much have been a little larger also than mine because I noticed that you crochet looser. I was doing it to tight and am now relaxing more and the squirs turn out nicer than when I started + I no longer have hurting hands.
        To my shock when I was re-reading your instructions instead of using a hald double crochet I made all double crochet. This is my first one so I have to pay better attention nect time.They are turning out great if I say so myself. I bought more colors also. The hardest part will be putting them together.
        Thanks again.
        Love, Yoka

  3. was told that it was sunny over there in Cardiff!!!!!!!
    went last year, was good.
    Glad Alex enjoyed it. Bristol Zoo next?????
    love your blog.
    luv you

    1. Hi Lenna,
      Brostol Zoo. Now thats a blast from the past.. do you remember the smoking gorilla there from way back when we were kids.. funny at the time but so cruel to think about something like that happening now.

      love you right back x

  4. Beautiful place Helen 🙂 There’s a similar one in Inverness 🙂 X

    @Lynn – So lucky to be going to the Eden projec 😉 x

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