I’ve been shopping

Hello my Sweeties,

I hope you’ve all been well throughout the week. I’ve been busy with making home and trying to keep Alex entertained as per my last blog. Today though was the first time I had chance to get to Hobbycraft and what a fantastic place it is too.

I know many of you might delight in internet shopping but when I’m trying new yarns, I like to actually get my hands on them, feel them and run them through my fingers. That’s not possible via the internet unless you’re ordering an old favourite used before.

So, these are my latest acquisitions for my Doodly Birds Bunting Commision.. I hope Lynn likes the colours I’ve chosen and the fantastically bright felt I’m going to use for the lettering.


They are all natural cottons apart from the Patons pure wool which I had to have as I loved the colour.. turquoise is my most favourite of colours in all the world. 🙂

Why not pop over to Lynn’s blog spot and have a look at some of the lovely items she makes and sells in her shop. You can find her here    http://oneimadeearliertoday.blogspot.co.uk/

Have a great weekend my dear friends, will keep you posted with this project as it grows.

A zillion hugs from me xxxxxxxxxxxx


5 thoughts on “I’ve been shopping

  1. Yes I’m like you Helen, I love to feel the texture too before buying. I love the bright colours, it’s going to be a beautiful bunting. As for those beautiful flowers Helen they are in pride of place on my hearth, there is no way I would have put them outside with all the rain we have been having. The plan is to make more to add to them and fasten them onto my trellis, it will happen and will be revealed once completed, they have been admired by many. 🙂

    1. Hiya Linda, I´m so pleased to hear how well you´re looking after my flowers. I shall send you some more to add to them when I´ve a little more time on my hands… I´ll look forward to seeing what your nest project looks like!

  2. Beautiful colours Helen and the felt is awesome too 😀 I can’t wait to see the bunting 😉 I bet it will be just perfect 😀

    1. Hi Mo… I´m going to spend all day in the garden crocheting today and drinking lots of fluids!!!… sending you all my sunny shiney best to you … with balls of bright bunting yarn to add xxx

  3. You are right Helen. I like to see it also unless I have used it before.I foind it difficult to buy on hte net je can’t see how thick the yarn is .
    You picked some beautiful colors. Cottons are real hard to get here. Richard drove me to a larger store here and not one cotten in de whole place and they have the most yarn isle after Isle.It was already all winter yarns and that with over a 100 degree weather here in North Florida. You do not need all that heavy yarn here at all in Florida.
    If we have a week of cold weather it is a lot.
    When you buy new yarn are you also itching to see how easy it is to use?

    Hope you soon have time to crochet.
    Happy crocheting and lots of love,



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