The Doodly Birds Bunting report!

My picnic blanket is finally out! Not that Alex looks too pleased with his introduction to a Bohemian lifestyle!


But, all’s well in the garden as I’ve been pressure washing the patio with the energy of a wild woman to get things perfect for his paddling pool. Its taken me more than three days and I’ve still got the front drive to do.


As for my first commission .. this is the progress made on my Doodly Birds Bunting. Its a strange feeling to be making something for someone I don’t really know but after a long conversation with Lynn on the phone, I felt as if we had known each other for years. She’s a lovely friendly bright person.  

And so as promised, for me to show you and Lynn the progress made so far!


All the pendants have been made.. what do you think?


Stay safe in the sun and enjoy.


A million hugs to you all xxxxxxxx


13 thoughts on “The Doodly Birds Bunting report!

  1. Ooh I am so excited Helen, it looks lovely and you are so kind. I too feel as if we already know each other.
    Alex’s face made me laugh, he looks like he is there under sufferance.
    Love Lynn xx

    1. Hiya Lynn… I’m so loving making this for you…. Yes, Alex is just to funny sometimes, there’s never any pretence with him in my life!

      Lots of love right back at yer xxx

  2. Hahaha – poor Alex!! He’ll appreciate it all once he’s had a paddle I’m sure 😉
    Your grass is a lush shade Helen, so ‘Welsh’ haha 😉 And I have to say how nice it is to see an actual brick wall! Love the colour! 😀 It’s almost aLL breeze block up here, dull concrete grey 😦
    Anyhoo 🙂 I’m lOVing that bunting! 😀 Such beautiful colours – very Doodlyesque 😉 haha 😀 I can almost picture the finished article – LuSh! 😀
    Mo xx

    1. hahahah, Mo… I’m thinking you’ve got a little Welsh in your genetic swith all your “welshisms” … the green green grass of home!… I’m very lucky with the garden here but the patio is a nightmare… but the paddling pool is inflated!!! Not that I’ll be going in it.. lots of hugs to you and wee man

  3. you have so much go in you Helen. well done girl. but then what ever you do you make it right.
    beautiful bunnting. Alex is happy really.
    love you

  4. Alex sure does noet look happy but I hope for you sake he soon get over it.
    Your bunting looks fantastic you are a wizard.
    How do you get so much done so fast?
    Like the colors and hope to see it finished.
    Happy summer,

    Love, Yoka

    1. Hiya Yoka,

      Thanks for your emails.. I love all the little animal things to send me. I guess I have alot of time when Alex is home as he needs alot of “watching over” so when he’s on his computer or out in the garden, I get out my hook and do my work.

      Yes, the colour scream summer dont they!

      Sending you a wonderful day my good friend xx

  5. Bunting lovely. Hope you get the padding pool up soon, I started pressure washing my drive the other day. I got so mucky as I have two boys who wash their muddy cars on it, lol although not funny when I get my legs covered in mud 🙂

    1. Hi Meryl,

      Hahah, our lives would be boring without “mucky boys” in our lives eh!… but admit it, there’s something cathartic about pressure washing, getting dirty and then jumping in the shower.. Thanks for your kind comments .. all of my best to you Meryl.. helen x

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