Never On A Sunday

Well, what did you all think of the Olympics Opening Ceremony?? I thought it was amazing and indeed reflected the spirit of our amazing country It’s times like this that I do appreciate where I live and how this fair land has made me very much the person I am today.. thanks to my parents floating over from Greece in the early sixties.


However, other than trying to watch the games, I have been VERY busy, not only trying to set up my new house and garden into a home and grotto for Alex but also looking after friends and family’s homes whilst they’ve been away..


So today I AM RESTING!!


The patio has been cleaned, the pool inflated, Alex re baptised and my darling Toy boy Richard yet another year older.

( I’m six months older than him heheheh)


As you can see, I’ve edged the bunting for Doodly Birds and sewed in all the pesky ends in the sunshine, making the most of the good light.. don’t they look amazing!


Again in between the Olympic fencing bouts I’ve also cut out the letters, ready  to iron on to the pendants..


This bunting is going to be ultra eye catching I feel!


But but my concentration is a little lax today with Alex making more demands of my time than ever.. so I’ll continue tomorrow with the next stage whilst he’s out with respite.


Birthday parties and catering have been fun though with a little added mix of midnight fun in the garden thanks to my passion for all solar powered lights that glow. It’s like Christmas every night!



Alex thinks it wonderful and just stands in the garden watching the lights flicker in the breeze.. wind – chimes included.


He loves to have his senses stimulated with lights, touch and indeed sound.. don’t we all!


Now lets talk cooking.. how many of you remember Angel Delight??? Ok, you can put your hands down now as I introduce you to a new product. Angel Delight Ice Cream!!! .. we love as I add my own signature to the basic mix.. like extra choocy pieces, or honey comb or perhaps a drop of Irish Crème liqueur. It’s cheap,easy and fun to make with the kids.


Why not make a lovely pear, stilton and walnut quiche for a summer supper too…. find the link here


I added walnuts instead of the almonds but its your call.


Have fun over the weekend… I’ve got  lots more to tell you about next week too, regarding a little knitting group I joined on Wednesday.


Sending you Olympic sized hugs and lots more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


19 thoughts on “Never On A Sunday

  1. Hiya beautiful! 😀 You have been so vERy busy! Your patio is looking amazing! I do love the hexagon slabs, they’re very effective and those lights! Wowee 😉 I’m not surprised Alex loves to stay out looking at them, I would too! Haha 😀 Ahh, they do make a nice garden that bit extra special don’t they and the calming effect is not to be under-rated by any means 😉
    I’ve never seen Angel Delight Ice-cream! Must look out for it, Trev would eat it up I’m sure, haha 😉
    Looking forward to hearing about your knitting group 😀

    1. I am so happy to have my garden all soted.. I’m going to wait a year and see what comes out of it beofre investing too much money in plants.. the hexagons are lovely.. I just might have to add some hexy’s to my next project!

  2. What a lovely post Helen. Sounds like you had a lovely..but hectic weekend lol The bunting is looking great!!! We’ve been watching the Olympics too…well..I’ve been trying as we’ve had the grandchildren this weekend..I’m EXHAUSTED lol I LOVE the garden lights, me too got a passion for solar lights, found some lovely exterior Christmas ones 🙂 Alex seems to be enjoying his new home, well you all do 😉 Enjoy your time today. Does your knitting group do just knitting or can you crochet too ? Big kiss xx

    1. hahaha, have the Grand darling been giving Grandma a hard time!!! You rest up with a cuppa and some crochet.. sending you good health and happiness x

      Ps.. the group aencourage all crochet too.. cant wait to see it get bigger as its still in its infancy at the moment x

  3. Oh, forgot to add…I used to LOVE angel delight when I was young, used to make it in cups yummy yummy. Never ever heard of the icecream , have to see if my Mum can send some out to me lol xx

  4. Hi Helen,

    The bunting looks beautiful love the edges you made around each one.
    The garden looks great and love the lights . You have been busy .
    Have not seen much of the Olympics except last night.
    I started to do a paper piece project on my sewing machine. The hardest part was getting the thread through the needle but I am getting better with practice.LOL
    Did not know if I was able to sew because I am having big troubles still with my vision and so much tearing with my eyes. After 2.5 years you thinnk I am getting better but so far nothing has changed. It is driving me up the wall.
    Did manage to make 3 small blocks and am thrilled I can do it between whiping my eyes.
    I am a stuborn Dutch female after all and do not give up easy.
    Tomorrow I turn 70 years unbelievable.

    Enjoy the Olypics and Happy crocheting.
    Love ,
    Yoka xxxxx

    1. Hi Yoka… I think you’re a woman of substance… women like you make the world a happier place my darling.. so keep enjoying every day as it comes.. Lots of gentle hugs to ease your pains. much love xx

      1. Thank you Helen for the compliment.
        It is the only way to live take one day at a time.
        Today is my 70th birthday. How time flies in years.
        Nade 6 paper piecing cactus blocks so far on the sewing machine.
        Am so grateful I am able to do that .
        My Quilting friends will help me cutting the shashing / borders.
        That is one thing I can’t see well and is important that it is done right.
        I will be able to sew it on because I follow a line.
        Am so happy now I have more to do.

      2. I love the thought of you perservering with your hobbies.. aren’t you very lucky to have such good friends and indeed such talent to boot too!

        Many happy healthy returns to you Yoka x

      3. Thanks Helen I am having a fantastic birthday today. So many calls and cards I received and presents too . Feel very lucky and blessed.
        I received a crochet book double and would like to send it to you.
        Can you email your address to me please?
        I know you would love it.

        Love ,

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